Friday, June 17, 2016

5th Grade Festivities...

 As part of Zach's exit from elementary school he was required to do a huge research assignment called 5th Grade Exhibition. The topic he chose was anti bullying. He and his group presented and I was so proud of him. I might be biased but I sure do think he will be successful in anything he chooses to do.    

 Next up on the agenda was the 5th Grade Party! The theme was "Your Future is Bright".  The parents who volunteered their time and energy made this party a success! From catered hawaiian food and snow cones to cool shades and relay races, the kids definitely had a great time.

 And lastly was the 5th grade talent show.  I am glad Zach and his buddies decided to audition. They performed a variety of songs from PBS kids and their favorite childhood cartoons. I admit I was a little worried at what the kids reaction to their skit would be, but they pulled it off and had kids laughing and clapping for them.

I think Zach is ready to move on to Middle School!

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