Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh, I remember this...

Wonderful stage where your kid, no matter what you do to entertain at mealtime, is only happy when they can feed themselves. Kate is a great eater and will taste anything you give to her, but lately she refuses to eat anything from the spoonful we are attempting to feed her. She continually is knocking the spoon away from her mouth and fussing while turning her head into her high chair, in an attempt to hide her mouth. Needless to say we have adapted accordingly. If she throws a fit now, we change her into Zach's old seat, so she can't hide her mouth, and put puffs down on her tray to distract her from me, the forceful parent shoveling food down her throat, crossing my fingers, hoping she won't choke and puke it all up. After two days of this puff strategy she as figured out how to put them into her mouth all by herself. yEaH! Here's the proof.

And here is Zach getting a word in himself. Except in my family, "Moobs", means something completely different. For those that struggle it is short for Man b@#!&. If you're still struggling...well I can't help you out.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bama Bama Bama...

Is why we have been MIA. Justin and I spent the week down south at University of Alabama at Birmingham, yes there is a difference, not to be mistaken for the other University of Alabama, doing an externship in their perio department. Implants, sinus lifts, among other procedures was the bulk of what he watched, assisted and learned about while taking breaks in between to have get-to-know-you interviews with several members of the perio faculty.

For the last year Justin has been going back and forth about the idea of specializing. I have Curry and Rob for their persuasion skills and Justin's work ethic to thank, that got him to this idea in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I am supportive either way. Doing this externship gave him a really good idea of what he could expect if he were to specialize and become a Periodontist. Why the back and forth? Simple really...It's hard when the pros and cons between becoming a general dentist or going on to become a periodontist even themselves out! It's especially hard when you can picture yourself being happy either way...which is where he is at this point. SO telling him to do what will make him the happiest in his career in not helping him to decide one way or the other.

It's decision making time, and Justin has until August to apply. Most schools start interviewing in August. Some people find out their acceptance as early as September.

On the flip side of this trip I spent the week with my personal tour guide and friend Lindsey, who was so nice to drive me around Birmingham to show me the area and give me tips on where to live if we end up getting accepted. In between Kate and Talin's naps, Rylee's pre-school, and meal times, we managed to see most of Birmingham and spent the extra playtime we had at the zoo, botanical garden and park.

It was a great trip. We missed Zach, who stayed home with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Tyson, having a great time exhausting everyone in the house by his early wake-up calls at 5:30am, and routine hot tubing.

We have decided that our family would be boring without him. Kate learned to sit up on her own from crawling,(Yeah another MiLeStOnE!) and loved playing with the girls.

I now have house envy, would kill for hard wood floors, my very own washer and dryer, crown molding, a dishwasher, stainless steel appliances, a backyard...seriously the list could go on and on, and loved being able to catch up with some great friends. Thanks again Leavitts!

Who knows maybe we will be neighbors, for the second time, in a year...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

There's an Art to Shaving...

Who knew there was a shop designed to sell just shaving products? Justin discovered The Art of Shaving when he decided to get me their after shave for Mother's Day. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a hard time going more than one to two days without shaving my legs, and always have to put lotion on after I am out of the shower. Some might say that Justin sure is a lucky guy, a wife who shaves that often? I couldn't agree more...really he has nothing to complain about right? Ok, well at least I try... But I was really impressed with him for thinking of something that would be so useful. I guess he does notice the small things I do every day. Or maybe I should be thanking the internet for putting it on their top 10 list. *U* Then again who doesn't shop on the internet? I give Justin all the credit...It actually is the perfect gift for me and I already do use it every day.

I must say that after using it for a week now, it really does work. My legs have never felt better, really! Even if that does sound silly...

Whoever came up with Mother's Day to begin with came up with a great idea...I feel lucky to be a mom, and more importantly to these TwO!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Introducing Another Cousin...

Our new neice, Kate's new best friend, the 18th grandchild, the 6th girl grandchild, the newest out of 5 grandchildren born in the last year in our family...however you want to put it, she is finally here.

Brooke Allison Lambert

9lbs. 1 oz. 21 inches

Congrats Heather and Steve

We can't wait to meet you Brooke!

I couldn't be more excited about the hair on her head. I have been making these little flower clips for her in hopes that she would be able to wear them. Unlike Kate she won't need a headband to clip them on to. Some girls have all the luck...

Some of them are a little big, but I took into consideration when she gets a little older...girls are so much fun.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anyone in Need...

Of a Zach fix? Here are some more photos of Zach...
Just call him Mr. pErSoNaLiTy!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

3 Years and 7 Months...

Between a wet Friday and a windy Sunday, the weather let up for a few hours and provided a close to perfect opportunity for us to get some pictures of the kids. A good friend and photographer, Michelle, worked her magic . Here are a few out of several favorites that she captured.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

We've been up to...


Kate has been crawling for the past couple of weeks, and we finally have recorded it. Half of the time she gets up on her hands and knees, and the other half she does by a mean army crawl, all in efforts to get where she wants, and fast. I can leave the room and know that once I turn around she is right at my feet. She has also been pulling herself up to things, but this scares me because she is so young still that when she is done with whatever she has pulled herself up to she falls over sideways or backwards. (can't imagine this feels good) Needless to say we have lowered the port-a-crib in our room. Hopefully this will stop her from pulling herself up and hanging over the edge to greet us in the wee small hours of the night with her big grin of accomplishment. As Justin and I roll over to see this new accomplishment we can't help but look at eachother and get a good laugh, even if it is at 5:30am!

Workin on tEeTh!

Playing dReSs-UpS!

The Best Cook in the East

Batman and his Princess(Camden we will miss you!)


His idea of a Super Spy Ninja...he has a big imagination

Doctor Zach...I've been told, "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt." and "Here's a sticker for being a good patient!" Funny the things he picks up on...Thanks Grandma for all the dress-ups!

Playing with tOyS!