Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's all Coming to...

an end. Now that boards, at least the written part, are over (of course he passed, was there any ?), I have a new husband. I have to admit that I was scared he would never return. Good news...He returned! The late night study sessions have been retired, for the most part. I was pre-warned that there would be a little studying left for a few tests here and there, but by and large studying is almost a thing of the past. All that remains is the stress of finding boards patients, but luckily for me and the kids, that stress stays at school. You can't find a boards patient lying around our house. Two months from now Justin will graduate. Can I blink yet, is it really true? I am all sorts of emotions...somewhat wishing that Justin had three more years of school left, and not to go through the studying again, are you kidding me? It's just that three more years would buy me some time to play in the East a little longer, to do things I haven't yet been able to do. At the same time, I can't help but want to skip ahead 10 years from now and think about what my life will be like. I guess in this case I am hoping for the best case scenario possible, whatever that means...

I was going to post this video a lot earlier, but forgot about it. This was taped back in February and now looking at it still find it funny, but also a sort of "theme song" for all of our husbands, who have had to go to school and try to juggle being a great dad and husband all at the same time. Just when I am feeling like I have a husband back, my friend Vanessa, must be missing this guy. There is nothing like a husband's help. She moved back home to have her baby around family, so that she could get some more support from family and avoid moving all her stuff out west with a newborn. Unfortunately dental school doesn't do independent study, so her husband has had to stay behind to finish out the year. Can this hold her over? Would it for you?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

For Nancy...

One last video from the talent show. Sorry I didn't post it with the others. I seriously hope our Kate will do this when she gets a little older. I love the stage we are in now, but honestly can't wait to enter this one.

Makelle Martin "Ballet Dancing"

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drumroll Please...

This past Friday night was the annual Primary Talent Show. Once again, Zach so bravely participated. Only this time instead of playing the guitar, he went with his drums. Although shorter than practiced, it is still just as sweet! Or should I say bangin! If you missed last year's talent show click here for your refresher.

The next few videos are of some of Zach's friends. If only I was a little more computer savvy, I could send the videos to my girlfriends, so that they could post about their own kids' talents. I took the liberty to do it for them. Hope they don't mind. These kids are so darn cute.

Ben Fairchild, "Counting to 100"

Mitchell Martin, "Basketball Skillz, and a rap"

Gracee Broadbent, "Cartwheelin"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Potty Training...

Days for Zach are slowly coming to an end! Knock on wood...he is wearing big boy underwear instead of pull-ups at night. He had been waking up in the morning dry for the past week, so last night we let him give the real thing a try. Funny how the littlest thing can make you so proud.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good News and...

Bad News! First the gOoD. Justin finished his boards!!! Is he really done studying? Somebody pinch me! Inquiring minds would like to know, and for the record, this was the first weekend, in the last three and a half years(honestly), that Justin has not studied, and it feels good. Whew, what a run on sentence, but so describes the reality of being the wife of a student. I am afraid to blink, for fear this won't last.

Now the BaD. What first started out as the 24 hour bug, turned into a two day hospital stay for dehydration. Kate unfortunately did not escape the "throw-ups", as Zach calls it, this year. With all the vomit and the messy diapers she decided that if she didn't eat or drink anything then the vomit and messy diapers would stop, and she was right! But, the flip side of not eating and drinking is dehydration, which she got. I thought it would be a quick run to the ER, where she would get an IV and then start to feel good enough to start eating and drinking, but even after the entire IV, she continued to refuse anything we were trying to give her. She was so weak and lethargic and dropped a lot of weight.

They made arrangements for us to stay that night and finally after the second night in the hospital, she decided to start eating and drinking again. Because we were there so long I was able to grab my camera, when I went home to take a shower, to document her stay at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Did I mention this was all happening during the two days Justin had his dental board exams? It was a good thing Justin had prepared so well for these exams. This was not the celebration I had in mind for our little family upon Justin's completion of one of the biggest tests of his life, and I guess ours too.

This is the IV "House" the nurses created so that she wouldn't ruin the line into her poor little hand.

The Bryn Mawr Hospital has a special pediatric unit that includes a playroom with lots of toys. We weren't allowed to stay in the playroom because of the illness Kate had, but she took just about every toy back to our room to play with. The toys kept her momentarily happy, but her favorite thing was to be carried up and down the hallway.

This cage-like bed meant long sleepless nights for us. We are especially glad this part is over!

They were going to release Kate after the first 24 hours in the hospital, but after she threw up all her dinner and continued to have messy diapers, they hooked her right back up to the IV and kept us another night. I guess better safe than sorry.

Instead of feeding herself like she should be, she thought feeding her baby was much more fun. The little stinker...

And of course, the very last morning we were there she decides to finally take a nap. Such is life.
We are happy to be home, and she seems to be doing better, but is still battling a little ear ache that I think never went away three weeks ago. Yesterday it snowed almost all day. Since we couldn't go outside to play in it, I opted to attempt Kate's first pedicure...not too bad if I do say so myself.