Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Pool...

If you know my sister-in-law Mari, then you know she is never without her camera. And for that I am grateful! Hopefully she won't mind that I am sharing these pictures on my blog, but I just have to brag about how telented she is...check out these pictures she captured of my kiddos in Grandpa's pool! I am loving Zach's canon ball...Here is a link to her photography BLOG.

And now we are headed out this weekend to see all the cousins again up in McCall, ID for a little water-skiing and tubing action. Zach has been counting down since Monday. Needless to say he is excited!

Friday, July 9, 2010

All in One Week...

Wow! I think I finally have to time to actually breath. From the moment we left Utah until tonight we have been going going going.

Before we moved we said several good-bye's to friends. I made some great friends, the kind that even though time goes by will still be there for you and feel like nothing has changed the next time you see them again. I miss them already and of course our friends the Broadbents. The entire ride to Portland Kate kept saying, "I go to Gracee's house?"

We also got a special visit from Aunt Debbie and Uncle Gary and Annie just before we left. We haven't seen them in a few years so it was fun to catch up with them. It made Justin and I miss the days we would go to their house in Alpine for the holidays when we were both going to BYU, dating and then even after we were married, before we had kids, when Emma was eight! Time goes so fast!

After packing, taping, and cleaning it was onto the big move. And for the record still no wedding ring. Seriously sick to my stomach!!! Come to find out the girl we rented from had also lost her wedding ring in the same town home. Talk about bad luck!

Not really moving on but for the sake of this post we just barely fit everything into our moving truck. I swear we didn't buy much while we lived in Utah, but it was a miracle we fit everything in. On top of that our nephew, Parker and nieces, Maddi and Lauren, came along with us to Portland so they could spend a week at Grandma's house...which ended up being a bonus for us because our kids were entertained the entire 12 hour drive. It was a bonus for my brother Jeff and his wife too knowing they would pretty much be kid less...until we got the news that our Grandma Thompson had passed away and they would be flying to Portland the very next day that we had left. We were packed to the brim. Zach and Parker rode in the truck with Justin, and the girls and Kate and my Mom were in our little Honda with me. The girls described it perfectly..."squishy." We stopped halfway in Boise to see my brother, Casey and his family and got to meet our newest cousin Joshua. He is a great baby! What a fun addition to the crew. We stayed overnight in a hotel there. I don't know what it is about hotels but the kids love them! Both my nieces and nephews wanted to stay for the entire week. I guess who wouldn't when you've got a pool, 24 access to Otis Spunk Cookies, hot breakfast, flat screen TV's to yourself. They were all in heaven! Needless to say our little road trip was a success, and we made it into Portland safe and sound.

Next up was the Fourth of July festivities. We went to my sister, Heather's house for a BBQ and watched the Oak Hills firework show with the family that night. This is a tradition for whoever is in town. As always I attempt the family photo and come up with Justin and I looking at the camera and the kids off in their own little world. I have high hopes that someday we will all look at the camera smiling at the same time. Oh well.

Next was my Grandma Thompson's funeral. The last few years she has been battling Alzheimer's, and actually a month ago we were told she was going to pass, but she held on for another month. It actually turned out quite convenient that she held on so long because we were coming to town and bringing some of the great grand kids along. My cousins Gina and Janet also had planned a trip to be in town. Funny how things like this seem to fall into place. There really wasn't a cause of death, but she just kept sleeping and so naturally starved. She is in a much better place now. Thank goodness we have the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I think what makes me sad the most is seeing my grandpa alone now. To watch him close the casket was really hard, and then to hear my dad and his brother's talk about their fondest memories of her and to see them and grandpa tear up was even harder. One of the benefits of a funeral is seeing all of our extended family and that was fun to catch up with everyone.

Justin started work yesterday. I know I wrote Tuesday in an earlier post, but that was before any funeral was planned, so he ended up starting yesterday. So far so good. With everything that is new it all takes a little getting used to and finding ways to make it work for him. The kids and I went swimming of course to soak up this 95 degree weather before it starts to cloud up and rain again.

At the end of the list of to do's was seeing the Broadway show, The Lion King, today downtown in the Civic Theater. It was fun and the costume design and function was really amazing. Most of us loved it and some(Kyle)were not too sure, or maybe just so hungry he couldn't make up his mind. Pictures tell it all.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The End of the Residency...

Last Tuesday Justin and I went to his end of the year residency dinner thingy...where they say good-bye and good luck to the old residents and welcome the new residents. Now tell me that year didn't go by in a flash. As part of the program the assistants give each of the residents a parting bag of goodies(or bag of inside jokes) to show the residents they were appreciated, and to wish them well in the future. Mallory presented Justin with his and as part of the gift they had created this picture in a frame photo-shopped with all of the assistants and office staff laying a hand on some part of Justin's body from the picture they had found on our blog months ago. Remember that soccer picture of his that he conveniently forgot his uniform, but posed in front of the year 98? If you can't remember check it out below. Now picture that pose with his assistants and office staff standing behind and around him leaning towards him with their hands out-stretched for him. On the frame they had Team Marostica. It was the perfect gift! He will never live this one down. He had such a great experience with this residency and misses it and the people he interacted with on a daily basis. We made some lasting friends that's for sure.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July...

We got up-rooted again. Moving is always so bitter sweet. We left some great family and friends back in Utah and now are in Portland for what will most likely be the rest of our lives. I hope I find the same happiness here as I did in Pennsylvannia and Utah. I get so nervous having to make new friends. Justin starts work on Tuesday. I am hoping everything goes well for him. For now, we are just living in my parent's house until we can find a place to fit in and belong. Happy hunting right? You gotta start somewhere...

Anyways, Happy 4th of July! I made these blocks while I was in Utah. I guess I was feeling a little festive, or just had to check out Wood Connection before I left. Anyways, this is what the end result became.