Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story 3...

Throughout the year I have been telling Zach that I would let him have a play date with his friends, Ian and Grant. Every week I tried to pick a good day, but it just never seemed to work out, especially because of the one car that we have and the limited amount of seats in our said one car. And you can't just invite one, leaving the other out! I was feeling like the slacker mom. So when Justin had that afternoon off last Wednesday, I had him stay home with Kate while I took Zach and his buddies to see Toy Story 3. All three of them were dying to see it the day it came out and loved it! I am so sad that Zach has to leave these two boys. They are so fun and all get a long so well. He hasn't quite realized that he will be leaving friends behind, because he is looking forward to playing with his Portland cousins. I am afraid that when school starts he will be asking where Grant and Ian are.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Second Quilt...This Time Minky!

Back in March Justin's mom was out for a visit. Since making my first quilt with her help one of our favorite things to do when we are together is to go to quilt and fabric shops to scope out what's new. One of our stops was at Elaine's Quilt Shop in Sandy. We both spotted this Minky Kit and had to have it! So here it is all finished! The squares came with the kit all pre-cut(love that), but I went back a month or so ago to pick up some different binding material(the original was white flannel...that would have gotten so dirty), and picked out the backing material. Thanks to my friend Melody, who let me use her sewing machine, and my other friend Cammie, for quilting it for me, I am the proud owner of this cuddly blanket.

So I learned a lot making this quilt.
1. When you sew minky you have to use a walking foot. I have never heard of that before nor have one, hence the reason why I used Melody's machine.
2. You can use minky on both sides of the quilt. I must have stood in Elaine's for a half an hour debating between minky and flannel...so glad the nice lady that works there talked me into the minky. I figured that the stretchy-ness of minky would be hard to quilt. Obviously not for Cammie. She did an amazing job.
3. I think I finally learned how to bind the corners. My first quilt was a some what of a disaster around the corners, but this time I think I got it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Dad...

A couple weekends ago Justin took me and the kids to a Bees game. We went with the other resident's and assistant's families, that he works with. Great weather, great friends, hot dogs and drinks in hand, the 7th inning stretch and a post game fireworks show made for a great night. Zach even got to run the bases after the game was over.

Justin is really going to miss this residency. He has made some great friends, and is going to miss shooting the breeze with them on a daily basis. His days of eating lunch with friends is numbered, seven to be exact.

This is the scrapbook layout I made for my scrapclub this month. I thought these pictures from the game were perfect! Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father and husband! We love you so much and are so grateful for all your hard work and dedication to us. We are definitely spoiled and loved...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Serious Trouble...

Is what miss Kate is. She apparently did this all in a matter of 5 minutes. Justin was watching her at the time. The World Cup has been on at our house so who really knows right? No, in all seriousness I really do believe him. Our Kate is Crazy! She is a sneaky little thing. But, you know what they say when a child is quiet, they are most definitely up to something. And something she was. Luckily none of my make-up was destroyed by her primping. Doesn't she look pretty?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

BYU Soccer Camp...

Justin signed Zach up for BYU's soccer camp last week. I find it so hard to believe that I have a child who is old enough to be going to a soccer camp. He had such a great time. I have never seen him so warn out and sweaty. It is amazing how much four days of playing soccer improved his aggressiveness and attention to the game. His coaches, the girls and boys, from BYU's Men's and Women's teams, did such a great job with the kids. Before, Zach was always cheering on the Utes, thanks to his pre-school teacher, Mrs. Lori, who indoctrinated him this year when making them say "Go Utes" when they were taking roll. I am happy to report he is now cheering on the Cougs. We couldn't be more proud!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pre-school's Over, Hello Kindergarten...

Zach had his end of the year pre-school program. As always Zach was quite the performer. His teacher Mrs. Lori is a great piano player and loves to make the kids sing and perform. Zach and his buddies Ian and Jack did not dissappoint! He is going to miss these guys. Lets face it, I am going to miss them too! I sure hope he finds two kids like these two in Portland. I welcome change but hope to find the same as we have found here in Utah.

Now it's on to Kindergarten. We finally got Zach his 5 year old shots last Thursday...so it's finally official. We just cant wait to say hello to the big yellow bus.

This is the class sing "Oh I wanna be a dog"