Friday, May 15, 2009

That's Dr...

Justin R. Marostica! Well, he did it! He is officially a DMD. Here is the rundown of all the festivities the last couple of weeks, and a handful of pictures...

We went to Justin's Senior dinner for all the people graduating in his class. It was held at the Chart House near Penn's Landing in downtown Philadelphia. Here is the view from the deck. The guys had to fork over an additional $50 to have us wives come to the event. We were a little worried that it was going to be a night of cocktails and appetizers only, but were pleasantly surprised when we all sat down for a pretty descent meal. In other words...worth the extra $50!

Justin won't forget these guys. He carpooled to and from school with them. I think they are all relieved that the commute is finally over. Good-bye 422, Rt. 1, 76 and Broad Street!

Some of the wives that survived the 4 years of Dental School. We worked hard too, just not in a scholastic sort of way.

The day before graduation they had an awards ceremony. They awarded some pretty prestigious accomplishments. I was amazed with some of the things his peers had done while in school. Justin was awarded a couple for being such a stellar student. Not too shabby huh?

This award was awarded to him for his interest and commitment to oral implantology and implant dentistry. He also got a piece of the loot for his board score for boards part II. Way to go Justin! All that studying was definitely worth it.

The day of graduation we had prepared Zach for his walk across the stage with Daddy. He was very excited to say the least. He walked off waving and giving everyone a two thumbs up.

Here is the calm before the storm. The actual graduation lasted a couple hours. I promise that my kids have never been so naughty as they were for these two hours. It didn't help that both Kate and Zach were exhausted from being carted here and there with little or no nap in between. I am just glad that we survived and that I didn't kill my kids...definitely tempted!

And he did it! He is now Dr. Marostica! We couldn't be more proud. What an accomplishment.

The kids are still trying to catch up!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

We Are So Proud...

Daddy passed he boards! I have never seen Justin so nervous to open a letter in the mail. Well, I guess this wasn't your typical letter. Anyways, after an insane amount of studying, hard work, and perseverance, the result we got on this small slip of paper made it all worth it! Congratulations! We love you and could not be more proud of you. To celebrate we hit up good old Chili's for a little dinner.

The facial hair? That is a whole other story. I was given several reasons for the grow out that I am not sure if it was a good luck charm for him and his buddy on the boards, an opportunity to get attention from his peers, who he claims have given him loads of compliments on it, or just an attempt to look like McSteamy. He even got a compliment from his little brother, Tyson, who could grow a beard for him and Justin both!

Monday, May 4, 2009


Is just around the corner and the next four weeks until we move are going to fly by. Before every one's families got in town, Justin thought it would be fun to get together with all his friends from his class and have one last BBQ. Most of our friends were able to be there. A few weren't able to come because of prior commitments and some who have already moved, but we adopted some of our med student and pedo student friends as well. We all had a great time. The rain that poured most of the day stopped just in time for us to start grilling. We provided the meat and drinks and everyone else brought a side to share. Justin and I were proud of our kabobs. They look good, no? We will miss having such great friends. My friend Emily also took some pictures.