Sunday, January 27, 2008

When RSV gets you down...

For the past week, and what feels like will be the rest of my life, Kate has RSV, the true killer to any life you thought you ever had. Plans to do things of any kind suddenly are thrown out the door. Time has been dedicated not only to the feeding, sleeping and diaper changing of my little girl, but now the snot sucking, nebulizing and the cleaning of vomit have been added to the list of my motherly duties.

So why add a blog to this list? Simple really, late nights due to the bedtime routine no longer established, mixed with the writer's strike that is devistating my TiVo watching days, equals the blog surfing I have been doing to keep myself awake and entertained. After a awhile I finally got the motivation to start my blogging days, despite the battle of pros and cons to the whole "blog" thing that I have been telling myself the last six months.

On a positive note, being forced by RSV to stay home, Zach is now potty trained! yEaH!!!

Kate's medicine...4times a day!

What potty training will do to a kid...

Zach is now really into being a big boy, so much that he decides what he wears every day, even if it means wearing a t-shirt in 30 degree weather, a swimsuit on the bottom and his shoes facing the direction he feels is most comfortable.