Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Month

I woke up today and this little nugget gave me the sweetest grin. Not a complete smile on command, but I will take what I can get.  I love the snuggles and squishiness of this infant stage but it starts to get fun when they interact with the world around them. The kids love it too!   

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Some Firsts...

Babies grow so fast in yet the day to day events go by so slowly for me. There are days that I wish Preston was walking and talking already, and other days that I want him to stay little forever. We have been experiencing a lot of "firsts" around here. 

Preston from day one has been so alert but really actually focused on my phone for this picture. He has such tiny features. I love him, and especially love his feet! It's official, baby feet are one of my favorite things. Kate fed him his first bottle for me, and he drank it up like a champ. This will be especially helpful when I go back to work in a month. Preston had his first check-up and passed with flying colors, gaining weight and developing like he should. He also had his first bath after waiting two weeks for his umbilical cord to fall off. Usually I like bath my kids every day, and for some reason everything I ever did with my others, I don't do for number 4. I actually can't remember or keep track of what day(s) I have been bathing him. I am so thankful he doesn't spit up a lot. And for the first time ever I was brave enough to leave you for a couple hours with Auntie Gay, while I ran some errands and got some things done. And of course you sleep better for her than you do me! You wouldn't be my child if that wasn't the case. She has the majic touch!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Cute Stink...

Aunt Mari attempted to take some newborn pictures of Preston and this cute stink did not want to fall asleep. We tried everything to get him to sleep, but the minute we tried to manipulate his body he would wake up! And being a frazzled new mom of four, I had forgotten his binky at home(duh!). I really should have ran home to get it, but was sure I could get him to sleep long enough to get at least one good picture.  In the three hours we attempted he never stayed asleep but Mari was able to take a few that we loved.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

First Week...

 Preston's first week home was pretty peaceful. Justin took the other three kids to Idaho for the family reunion, so it was just me and Preston for the week. It was so nice to be able to get a hang of things, sleep when I needed to and have some uninterrupted snuggle time before the rest of the family came home. 

It almost all didn't happen when I went to my post partum appointment three days after I had left the hospital and got re-admitted into the hospital for high blood pressure. What?! I tried with huge tears and begging to convince the doctor on call that it was situational.  They weren't buying my story and thought I could have preeclamsia. I knew I was healthy though so at 1am (on my birthday) when the baby, myself and my poor mom could not sleep in the hospital for another minute, I signed my own release, and exited the building like a crazy person! But came home and had one of the best nights sleep!

Grandma came over almost every day to check in on me and to snuggle the baby for a bit.  It was really a great week. I felt very spoiled to spend one on one time with Preston. It was like having my first all over again. I highly recommend sending the family away after having a baby. I never realized how hard it is to regain strength and sanity after delivering a baby, but being able to recover at my own pace for the week and not being forced to take care of all the kids really helped me gear up for them to come home.