Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kate's First Dance Recital...

Kate had her first Dance Recital in June.  Isn't her costume cute?  Of course I am biased because I picked them out!(a little perk in being her teacher)  Honestly I was nervous at first to be her teacher.  I was worried she wouldn't respond to me and would hang on my leg.  She did just the opposite!  She looked forward to class every Wednesday and loved helping me pick out what music we should dance to.  I think I have a future dance teacher on my hands.  Having her cousin Brooke in her class helped too!  She new the dance backwards and forwards and was so brave to get up on that stage.  I was so proud of her!  We all were.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Seaside, OR...

We took a last minute weekend trip to Seaside over Memorial Day weekend with my brother's family.  For me and Justin the beach was still a  little chilly, but the cold never seems to stop the kids from having a good time.  We usually go to Cannon Beach which has a cute little town feel with yummy eats and shops up and down the main street.  Seaside has a little bit more of an entertainment factor so the kids love the Bumper Cars, Tilt a Whirl and the Arcade!  All firsts for Kate and a couple firsts for Zach made it a fun weekend for all.  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Pirates 2012...

 Zach played baseball this past spring.  We played him up a year skipping Rookie and onto to Coach Pitch so that he wouldn't be such a "goofball".   We played him up so that he would be intimidated by the other players, hoping that it would force him to focus in order to keep up with the older boys.  As you can see he was the smallest on his team, but our little plan worked and rose to the occasion.  He was sent to the outfield until his fielding skills improved, but by the end of the season he played pitcher and even played first base one game where he got three consecutive outs.  He loved it and is excited to play again next year.

Of course the pizza party and the trophy were all a part of it too!  Way to go Zach on a great season.  They only lost one game!