Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Comings and Goings...

Uncle Tyson and Aunt Jayne stopped here on their way to Philly for the summer. They weren't here very long. just enough to get some dental work done, celebrate Jayne's 20th birthday(man does that make me feel old), and to have the kids in tears as they disappeared into the airport. Zach and Kate absolutely loved having them here. They had them busy playing all sorts of things.

Kate was so tired after they left, this is the second time we caught her asleep in a random place. We thought she was watching ET, but with a closer look, she was sacked out, lip gloss and all!

Next up was Egg Dyeing with the cousins. Zach was so proud of his BYU egg. He is still talking about how great Jimmer is.

Zach ran in his school's fundraiser, Running for the Arts. He ran 11 laps around the school track in 30 minutes. 4 1/2 laps is a mile. I think we have a little runner on our hands.

And now Easter and a week away from May. Where does the time go?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Chance to Look Back...

I am horrible at erasing my emails. I read them and never delete them. I guess I never thought my email account would ever get full. But, recently I have been getting my old emails, I mean extremely old emails, like 8 years ago emails. It's like my email account is resending them to me to get me to make a decision about whether to keep them or to finally delete them.

I have to say this has been a blessing in disguise. Back then I am not sure blogging even existed really, so it's like life is giving me a second chance to capture Zach as an infant. Look at these pics of Zach that I emailed out 8 years ago. These were taken the summer we moved to Philly for dental school. We spent the summer with Justin's parents in Lewisburg, while trying to find a place to live. These pics bring back such fun memories. He loved Princess(the dog) and would crawl over to her and want to pet her. She is such a nice dog and loved all the attention. The other pics were taken at dinner time. He was the entertainment at every meal, holding his leg out in second, playing pat-a-cake, and his most unforgettable moment of all, the routine #2 in the diaper...which Justin referred to as making room for more food.

But even more memories were captured in these photos then I thought. Like Justin's parent's old house in Lewisburg, the house that marked Justin's "Glory Days". Yes, he had I dare go into details? Two Words - Triple Threat! The cabinet behind Zach in his high chair is Grandpa Marty's old bottle collection. Zach bumped into this cabinet a few times that gave Grandpa a little scare. One of those bottles had an old dead mouse in it! If you ever wanted to tease Grandpa, all you had to do was get near this collection and threaten to shake it.

There are a ton of memories in this kitchen. Lots of late night runs to Rita's and The Freeze were eaten in this room. Endless hours of talking took place here. Sounds of Barry Manilow and Christmas Music were blasted in this room. Seriously the list could go on forever.

So yes, not deleting your emails has benefits...tons! Because of my old emails re-surfacing, I can re-save the pictures I have lost twice from old laptops that decided to break. I love that I am able to go back and blog about what happened in the past, and glad I am still young enough to remember it all. Second chances are good!