Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Pictures 2010...

My sister-in-law Mari took these photos of us this October. She did a great job on these and we couldn't thank her enough for sqeezing us in. To see more of her work check out her photography BLOG!

Monday, December 20, 2010

He Lost His Tooth...

Zach has officially joined the missing teeth club, if there is such a thing of course. His permanant tooth had been growing behind his baby tooth, so I took him in to see Justin. Justin cleaned his teeth and then started numbing the front of his mouth. Without telling Zach what he was doing, he reached in with his pliers and yanked the tooth out! Zach cried for a moment and then settled still with no idea that his tooth had been pulled. As Justin sat him up we had him look on the tray and there was his tooth. Zach's response was "Cool!" and then moments later, "That didn't even hurt!", and a couple minutes later, "I was so brave!" I would have to agree, no shot, no indication of anyone pulling your tooth, you are brave Zach!

Now if he would just put his tooth under his pillow, maybe the tooth fairy would pay him a visit, but he is too proud of this tooth, that he is waiting until all his cousins have had a chance to look at it before rendering it to the tooth fairy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach-a-doo!

Zach turned 6! Wow time flies. It seems like just the other day I was in the hopsital looking over at him sleeping in his new born plastic bed, thinking...I am this this little guy's mom, and feeling so inadequate. But look, we made it, 6 years, and many more to come.

This year was the STARS WARS all boy party, and it was wild, 3-D glasses, Darth Vador masks and all! I think the boys all had a good time. We ate pizza and had cupcakes, played games, opened some presents, and even took some swings at a pinata. Zach scored on his legos and star wars garb, and has been in birthday gift heaven ever since. He's just a little obsessed.

Here's the annual breakdown on Zach:
Loves anything and everything star wars
Loves him some legos
Thinks that now that he is 6 he is automatically a first grader
Loves his soccer and gymnastics classes
Loves the Upside Down Show
And is obsessed with the calendar and counting down the days to the main events in his life, such as holidays, birthdays, playdates, dinner with the cousins, full day Kindergarten, and such.

Zach we love you! We love your enthusiasm for life. You are incredibly sensitive and very thoughtful. You brighten our family and we could not imagine life without you.

Monday, December 6, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

Last weekend we took off to Lock Lolly Land, the best Christmas Tree Farm around these parts, in search for the perfect tree to put up in grandma and grandpa's house. This was Zach and Kate's first experience with cutting down a real tree. Zach, of course loved the whole saw aspect of it, as did his cousin Kyle. But it was Justin's saw skills that were put to the test.

After we loaded the tree up, we saw Santa and his reindeer. Kate told Santa she wants a puppy and Zach wants anything and everything starwars and legos related. I love the fact that I didn't have to pay an ounce for this picture with Santa by the way. This was a perfect way to get into the festive mood. Definitely a family tradition for years to come.