Friday, July 29, 2011

Eagle Crest...

Last weekend Justin attended a Dental Conference up in Central Oregon with my brother Andy, at a fun little resort called Eagle Crest. The kids and I were able to tag along on this trip, as well as Mari and the cousins.

The weather was perfect! I wish I could say we did a lot of things, considering how much Central Oregon has to offer, but really everything we did involved the pool. Zach and Kate could spend the entire day in the pool. Kate is a little fish and by the end of the weekend started swimming back and forth between me and Justin.

Brian and Marnae and their kids live up in Redmond so we got to meet our newest cousin, Jace, Marnae's latest addition. He is so cute and just a sweet little guy. I can't believe I did not take any pics of him, so you will have to click on her blog to see him.

Brian's parents live in a community that has their own private pool, so we spent an afternoon over at their place and had the entire pool to ourselves. The only thing missing was the boat to ski and tube behind.

What a great little getaway. One to be taken again hopefully.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank Goodness for Our Phones...

As we drove off to the airport some couple of weeks ago to surprise Grandma and Grandpa with a little visit from us, I leaned over to Justin and asked, "You put the camera in my purse like you said you were going to do right?" Do I even need to explain the response I got? I hardly go anywhere without the camera, because if you know me, if it is worth taking a picture of, it is worth scrapbooking! His response?... "My phone is just as good!" Seriously? Needless to say this is our Droid documented summer vacay, and the uploads are tiny. I am thinking the phone is not the best for pictures. Until I get some pics sent from Gramdma(hint hint) these will have to do...

It was so fun to show Zach and Kate where we used to live. Ahh, good ol Colony! I don't miss it, but I do miss the memories and the friends we made, and the memories that were made in these apartments. I kept thinking about the races we used to make the kids do to the mailbox and back just to burn their energy. Ha! Going back to church in Valley Forge was like we were coming home, seriously, as if we never left. I loved seeing everyone there. We hit it right on testimony meeting, and I loved it because we got to hear from all our favorite people. It couldn't have been more perfect.

Everyone knows you gotta hit up Rita's when you go back east. It's that good!

The one summer we were in PA for the 4th it rained so hard that we didn't attempt to go see fireworks with Zach, who was only 2 at the time. But this year, we finally made it to the Lower Perkiomen Park Firewoks Display. We just happened upon some of our favorite friends, the Behunin's, Low's, Linn's, and Bro. Hope, and watched the fireworks with them and all their kids. So Fun!

These cupcakes were so YUMMY! What a great 4th of July.

We took Aunt Jayne down to Reading Terminal Market and walked to the Liberty Bell, even drove down Broad Street, past the dental school, pretty much gave her the grand tour of Philly. We just hope we didn't bore her to death. Justin got his cheese steak on!

We hit up Monkey Joe's, always a kid favorite and spent a day at "Pershey Hark", as Kate says. (Pics to come hopefully...Grandma hint hint)

We had a couple s'mores parties around the fire. Turns out ski poles are great roasting sticks!

You can't leave PA without stuffing your face at the best Breakfast Buffet, Shady Maple, plus it was grandma's birthday, so she got to eat for FREE. And you most definitely can't leave without passing through Intercourse. Amish people watching never gets old.

After Daddy left we hit up Rita's again! We also did a bunch of other fun things not pictured like shop the Pottery Barn Outlet, swim in the hot tub, go see Cars 2, etc.

We even hit up our old stomping grounds, Spring Valley Y, to get relief from all the humidity! I saw some old friends and it made my heart happy to hear that my classes are missed.

What a great trip! We were sad to say good-bye. We love Grandma and Grandpa and wish we could have the best of both worlds, with them and Justin's work in the same state at least. It is a nice to have someone who lives on the east coast though, not gonna lie, to enjoy the perks of being so close to NYC and being able to re-live old memories without breaking to bank on hotel stay...just sayin.

Oh and the good news? If you want to view these pics bigger, you can just go to my facebook! Phone Pics + blogger = Bad Phone pics + facebook = Good