Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Dinner Conersation...

tonight went like this.

Zach - (patting my chest) You have a baby in your belly.
Me - That's NOT my belly.
Zach - (patting his stomach) When you have a baby your stomach gets bigger?
Me - Yes.
Zach - And then your baby makes a hole and pops out?
Me - Yes.
Zach - And then you just close it up?
Me - Yep!
Zach - How?
Me - The doctor sews it up with stitches.
Zach - I wish I should have a new baby.
Me - You do?
Zach - Yeah... (patting Kate on the shoulder) She's an old baby. (a few minutes later) Because I want a little brother for Kate to play with.
Oh boy...what am I in for?
In addition to his curious little mind, he has an imaginary brother and sister. I thougt this was temporary, but it has been a few weeks that he has been mentioning things about his older sister "Trixie" and is younger brother "Alex". All three of them went to webelos with Daddy tonight.

Zach as DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. Thanks Grandma for this cool new dress-up!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The New...

Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia is amazing. We met up with my friend Amber and her little girl Zoe to play for a few hours. Zoe snatched Kate right in! What Zoe wants Zoe gets. Not for long though. She is going to get a new baby brother any day now. Amber was such a trooper to even meet us there. She is 38 weeks along, and dying to get her pregnancy over with. So I guess chasing her little one as well as keeping an eye out for my two might be the ticket to moving things right a long. Here are a few pics from our morning. They don't even do justice to how incredible they have made this place. For anyone coming to Philadelphia with kids, it is a definite must see!

Right as you walk into the museum Zach was greeted by an over sized set of Drums and a Guitar. His eyes lit right up! This was his type of place.

Kate loved the shrinking hallway. She ran up and down so many times I lost count.

Zach learned how to work the life size hamster wheel. Poor Kate wanted so badly to be able to stay upright.

She eventually found her favorite thing...the slides. I am telling you, she is a little dare devil going face first like this.

This is the Jungle room, where there is, yet again, a million ways to make music. Zach could not get enough. Needless to say this will not be our last trip to the Please Touch Museum.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Got a Little...

Ambitious this year and decided to make Zach's Valentine cards for his pre-school class. Sure it is easier to go to the store and just buy the darn things, but Zach had a lot of fun punching out the scalloped circle, big circle and little hearts for them. Eating the left over chocolate crunch hearts, we glued to the inside of the cards, was not so bad either.

And as usual Justin and I celebrated V-day with our friends the Milmonts, Broadbents and Fairchilds. Doing the same thing every year takes the pressure off of us trying to surprise each other with something. This year we went to Buca di Beppo, a yummy Italian restaurant. Their stuffed mushrooms are the best! We left the kids with Uncle Tyson and G & G Marostica. Grandma RaeLynn sure knows how to celebrate. She surprised the kids with their own Valentine's gifts and made sugar cookies to decorate with them. I am sad I didn't have my camera with me, she had bought the cutest apron and chefs hat for Zach and Kate to wear. They loved it! Of course anything dealing with sprinkles is sure to be a hit. Zach keeps asking if she can move with us. We are going to miss living so close to them in a few short months. Time is just flying!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Are Going...

From weather being snowy, icy, and cold last week,

to weather being warm, sunny and perfect to play in this week. It is no wonder both Zach and Kate wound up with ear infections in between the two. Thank goodness for antibiotics.

Kate's new love...the slide. And all by herself might I add.

Zach always pulls this face, and it always makes us smile.

Anyone who has lived here knows that this is a favorite play spot for all the kids. What is it with these darn mailboxes. My guess is that it is enticing for a few reasons, but the most being that it is right next to the street...where she should definitely not be playing.

As naughty as walking on the street to get to the mailboxes is, there is nothing sweeter than this. Who doesn't need a little smooch, just in time for Valentine' day?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Look Who Is...