Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Love...

My ZaCh! I was picking up his room today and came across this...

The date is August 31, 2008. We must have been playing doctor, and he was the patient. This pad of paper and clipboard came with his doctor dress ups. His answers are pretty cute. It goes a little like this.

Patient Name - Uncle Tyson (I think he is a little obsessed with his uncle Tyson)
Address - California (Where Tyson was called to serve his mission)
Telephone Number - 43567 (I will have to work on this one with him)
Date of Birth - 17 more
Age - 4 (I wonder if he thinks Uncle Tyson acts this old sometimes...hahaha)
Medications - Picture
Allergies - Grandma (I hope not)
Blood Type - Right Knee (Tyson hurt his knee while out in California)
Reason for Visit - Bad Knee, Basketball hit his knee (He got this one right)

Funny the things kids pick up on. Speaking of that, on Monday night he said "crap", but I have forgotten in what reference to. Guess Justin and better start watching what we say. Not that crap is a bad word, but just sounds bad coming from an almost 4 year old's mouth.

The making believe and pretend play just got better with this new addition of the "Knight."

I am not sure if Backyardigans is getting replaced, but Yo Gabba Gabba is giving it a run for its money.

And in case one time wasn't enough...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

There's a First For Everything...

Even Kate's first PoNyTaIl! Her hair is finally long enough to twist into a little rubberband. I can finally say good-bye to her ripping her headbands off her head. On second thought, now I have to say hello to actually doing her hair. I don't know which is better.

Here's a little random video Justin took of the kids while I was at work. They have such funny personalities.

Monday, November 10, 2008

You Can't Live in Philadelphia...

And leave without first going to an EaGlEs GaMe!!! For Justin's birthday back in September I surprised him tickets to an Eagles game. Thanks to some great friends(who we will forever be indebted to, and who happen to have an in for getting tickets), I was able to make this happen. What an incredible night. Definitely one that will not be forgotten. Here are a few highlights from the night...

Your Eagles Offense.

A couple of the crazy and most likely drunk Eagles fans. This guy had a mechanical bird flapping its wings on his hat.

The view from our seats.

Inside the Club Suite Level. Thanks to this we stayed warm.

Sarah B. you were there in spirit. Yes. Elvis in his Eagles suit.
Before the game started they had a cover bad outside getting the fans pumped up for the game. They were awesome. This, being Philadelphia, is particularly fitting.

And for every touchdown...I still get the words mixed up. Some things never change. I wish I could say I learned my Alma mater's fight song, but I don't, so here's to an attempt at the Eagles.

Giants won 36-31. It didn't matter though, Justin was still in Heaven.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Out of the Mouth...

Of this babe, Zach's friend Aleah, comes this sweet and innocent little story...

Zach and Aleah have been playing non-stop every afternoon outside, while the weather is still somewhat nice. After about an hour they always venture back inside one of their houses. This time being mine. They play with toys for a little while, but eventually get bored of the toys and ask for the TV or...

Zach - "Mom can I show Aleah my favorite game on Playhouse Disney on the "concuter"?"

Me - "Sure."
(While I was changing the page on the computer, Aleah saw my Yahoo page with Obama's picture on the news feed."

Aleah - "Hey, that's Barack Obama!" pointing her little finger at the screen.

Me - "You're right!"

Aleah - "Yeah, I don't like him!"

So take it from the mouths of babes. I was more impressed that she knew who he was. Zach has no idea. At school on Tuesday they had him vote between a cat and a dog. He chose the dog. That's about how much voting/election/political education has taken place in our home. It really is true that we learn by example. I guess you know who her parents voted for on Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Was Recently Enlightened...

That "the key to wearing spandex is to make sure that you wear the spandex and not let the spandex wear you". (Thanks Ginnie!!! After all these years I have finally found the light!) Hopefully this was the case when I dressed up in this get-up to work last Friday, in hopes to win a $100 gift certificate to Target, for the best costume. I hope the women that were in my class forgive me for the fabulous medley of 80's music, sweat, and endless squats. Lovin that spandex...