Sunday, September 28, 2008

While Getting Into...

The car today, after church was over, it started to rain. A complete down pour to be exact! As Justin started the car and shifted into drive, Zach, in all his little 3 year old brilliance exclaims...

"It's raining on Jesus' Church!" (followed by a little pause)
then says with great concern...
"We don't want it to rain on Jesus' Church...HEELLLPPPP!!!"

He continues to make us laugh by the funny things he says.
Here's one he pulled on Grandma, that I felt needed to be documented.

She watched the kids last Tuesday, while Justin and I met up with my brother Jeff and his wife Britt in NYC, for the day. Part of that days' schedule was to take Zach to pre-school and pick him up. I guess while driving back home after picking him up form pre-school he sat in the back and thoughtfully said...

"Grandma you're in my day!"

We think he meant to say you're in my neighborhood, because the school is so close to where we live, and Zach is so big on directions these days. Who needs a GPS when you've got Zach?

We love this little boy! Even if he doesn't sleep through the night...a nasty habit...I would love the break, but will save for another desperate time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Year Older...

And a celebration to boot. Yesterday Justin turned the big 2-9!!! We started his birthday with an early morning trip out to Shady Maple for the best, and might I add free, breakfast buffet around. Followed by an afternoon of chopping down trees in his parents' yard, which has proven itself to be quite therapeutic for a dental students' stressful life. Finalized by blowing out candles on his giant ding dong cake, and opening a gift that has never felt so good...the long awaited, yet unexpected, return of the SpEdS!!!
Yes, it's an over sized ding dong...the cream is inside. Not a slice was left, which made me feel good and stroked my domestic ego.

Boy is Justin in for a treat! Just when you think you have passed them on...they return. A true friend always returns. Never did he think they would come back improved. His reaction was priceless, check out the video below.

The Right signed by Deagan.

The Left signed by Amy.

And for all you Rob and Big fans out there. Do you? Do you? Do you? Do you know what it feels like?

To see the journey that the SpEdS have been on for the last 5 months look here. Heres to many more to out they might be coming your way.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kate is starting to walk, with a little enticement(dangling toys in front of her). Give her a few more weeks and I think we will officially have a toddler, and Zach will have a playmate who is able to keep up with him.

You Know He's Ready...

For PrE sChOoL when you arrive in the parking lot, and before you even get out of the car to walk him in, Zach is saying his good-byes to me and Kate.

Zach - "Bye mom and Kate, I have to go to school now...see you later!"

When I picked him up, of course he had lots to tell me, but my favorite was while we were walking back to our apartment, he says, hugging my leg...

Zach - "Thanks for putting me in school, I love it!"

His favorite thing today was the playground, and that he got to paint. He has already said several times that he can't wait to show dad when he gets home.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Choosing Between Good and Good...

Is the tough decision Justin had to make last weekend. Good vs. Good was General Dentistry vs. Specialty. It's too bad that someone can't tell you, "The best option for you would be..." Instead you end up having to rely on your gut feeling. Especially when you're the one who is going to have to actually get in the patients mouth and do the work.

Justin received his call of acceptance to his #1 top program for Perio last Friday night. Exciting right? Right! Yeah! Congratulations! All his hard work paid off! Then there's the flip side... more pressure to make a decision. This entire summer he has been going back and forth trying to figure out what would make him the happiest as far as his occupation goes. Both general and specialty offer such great opportunities. He could see himself doing and liking both, and struggled to get that "epiphany" type experience to help him go one way or the other. Being caught in the middle of the two, he continued with his applications and interviews, hoping that somewhere within the process he would eventually feel stronger about one over the other. When the epiphany never came and the acceptance had been extended, it looked like freedom of choice was the only option. After putting pros and cons, procedures vs. procedures, etc. all down on paper, he muled over it for 24 hours. Although, specializing is a great opportunity and intrigued him, he was drawn more towards general and felt general dentistry would make him excited to get up and go to work each day. That's what it's all about right? Being excited about what you do?

We, the kids and I, were happy either way. (which didn't really help his situation) We are proud of him and the hard work he puts into what he does. I think no matter what he chooses he goes in and gives it his all, so he was bound for success either way.

The saying goes..."If momma ain't happy, then nobody is happy!" For our cause though..."If Justin is happy, then we are happy! Bring on that GPR...