Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Preston Turns 1!

Preston, today you turned 1! It was a gorgeous summer day and I was so excited to celebrate you. And finally a birthday we can celebrate outside! We took you for a swim at our good friend, Ashley Thelin's house in the afternoon and invited family over for cake and presents. You had a great time until Dad decided he would help you dig into your cake. Once that frosting hit your lips you were not happy. Good thing I had a cute friend make you birthday cookies. You liked those!

A little about you...
You are the sweetest baby,
You have the cutest gangly teeth,
You suck your thumb(shh don't tell your dentist),
You love when Zach, Kate and/or Ryan want to play with you,
And have brought lots of joy to one of our most chaotic years to date!

We love you Preston Lee Marostica!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Skin Cancer Part 5...

That time when you go to your dermatologist appointment and he gives you cream that cures Genital Warts to put on your basal cell. It literally is eating my flesh! Note to self...Wear Sunscreen!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4th, 2017...

The fourth of July is becoming one of my favorite holidays. We took the kids out to breakfast at biscuits, then headed over to Oak Hills for the neighborhood parade and returned in the evening for Aunt Heather and Uncle Steve's neighborhood BBQ. We finished up the day watching the fireworks show up at the field, and then lighting some off on our own. Ryan was old enough to understand what was going on this time, so fireworks were pretty fascinating for him.  And as you see by the last picture in this post he had a pretty active day. That's how his legs looked before we made him dirty!I love the traditions we are creating each year on the 4th and I hope the kids remember these fun days with friends and family for years to come.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hiking Wildwood and Oneonta...

One of the best things we get to do in Oregon during the summer months is hike the beautiful forests. We don't do it enough and we are so spoiled to be able to live minutes from such activities. After church we decided to drive up to Forest Park to walk the Wildwood trail. We didn't get very far with Preston in tow unfortunately, but the effort was made.  We walked maybe a total of 2.5 miles, just enough to catch sight of some crazy long slugs, snails, and Ryan's favorite, sticks!

Aunt Mari stole Zach for the day and hiked up Oneonta Falls with all the boy cousins. Of course Thomas got lost and scared everyone for a couple of hours, but he was found standing by the car back in the parking lot. Pretty sure aunt Mari will not be doing that again, but I am sure glad she took Zach so he could experience Oneonta Falls. The irony is that later on this summer some 15 year old kid lit some fireworks and tossed them causing a huge forest fire affecting the Colombia Gorge hiking destinations, Oneonta being one of them. It will take years to re-grow!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Lazy Days Ahead...

Summer is officially here and we have evidence to prove it! We are all hoping to catch up on lots of lost sleep and spend many afternoons at the pool soaking up some vitamin D, with sunscreen on of course!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Elite Recital 2017...

Hooray for Hollywood and Ragtime were this years' recital themes. Kate once again had a great year dancing with the Performing Company at Elite. She was a member of the Mini 2 team this year. They often times combined with Mini 1 for their dances because of the similarity in age.  Where she seemed to always be the younger dancer, she finally is starting to feel like one of the older members on PC. We are so proud of her and the dancer she is becoming. It is nice for her to have something she loves to do everyday. The friends she has made in the process is the icing on the cake.