Saturday, December 16, 2017

Oh Jonte'...

One of my best friends, Sarah, who I danced with in high school opened up her own dance studio two years ago SMJ Performing Arts. Our friend Jonte' Moaning, who we also danced with in high school, was in town over the holiday break and was teaching a master class at her studio. Sarah texted me to come down and say hello and watch him do his thing. He is super talented and we always knew he would be a star. He has danced for Janet Jackson, Beyonce' Knowles, etc. The future is bright with this one. It was so fun to catch up with these two. It makes me so happy to see my friends succeed in making their dreams come true!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Ryan's Gymnastics Showcase...

I signed Ryan up for gymnastics this winter to give him an activity during the day to help the winter months pass of having to stay indoors pass quickly. He had a great time. I wasn't too sure about the class at first with the majority of kids being girls, but he and his friend Max made the most of it and I think having coach Tyler(a boy) was a plus. He really did get a lot stronger, and it helped burn off some of his 5 year old energy! His favorite apparatus was the rope swing. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Loch Lollyland 2017...

Once again we were late to the game in getting our Christmas tree this year, so we opted for buying another pre-cut tree. Really it's not the worst way to go...just cheating or saving ourselves the time to hunt for the best tree, depending on how one looks at it. With Preston being as young as he is though I don't feel guilty at all about the pre-cut purchase. Anything that takes less time is the best choice at this point in my life. Besides that my kids really only care about seeing Santa and sipping the free hot chocolate after seeing Santa. Well and Ryan loves to watch the equipment of course. This was Preston's first real Santa visit and from the pictures you can see he was curious at first but pretty terrified to be held by the bearded man. Ryan only wanted to stand by Santa, but sure had tons of toys to ask for. Ryan asked for more construction toys, Kate asked for a Fitbit, and Zach asked for good grades(If he gets straight A's he can have sanpchat).

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Give Thanks 2017...

This year we had planned to host Justin's side of the family for thanksgiving to gather everyone together before Grandma and Grandpa Marostica left for their mission to Chili in the spring. Everything was going according to plan until a couple days before we received a phone call from Uncle Tyson telling us that he was in the hospital for kidney stones and a call from Uncle Brandon that he couldn't get shifts covered at his shop in Orem. Aunt Ashlee and her family plus Grandma and Grandpa were already en route driving to Oregon, so instead of working with the family we had coming Justin got a wild hair and invited my side of the family too! We had over 50 people in our house for Thanksgiving. The missionaries were also here to give an idea of just how many people were within my 4 walls.  We cooked 3 turkeys and had 2 of every side to feed the masses. It was insanity! I hardly remember all that went down and had zero meaningful conversations with family, but I sure hope the family and friends that came over felt welcome and had a great time.  

After the madness died down we spent the remainder of the weekend with Justin's family playing games, swimming at Villa and even ventured out to the see the zoo lights, with a trip to Krispy Kreme after for Preston's first donut, to get us into the Christmas spirit and Holiday season. We don't get together often enough with Justin's side of the family so I was happy that we could host those that could come. Bonds grow stronger with more time spent together. I am Thankful for family, immediate and extended, and thankful for Justin for working so hard to put us in a position to be able to welcome so many family and friends into our house for the holidays. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wild Hair...

I got Preston all showered and ready for bed last night. I even cleaned out his ears but that's when the idea hit me to see if I could put his hair into a ponytail. Sure enough I was successful, but my next step was maybe not the wisest choice...I cut the ponytail off!!! Lets just say that I frantically called my friend Katie the next day to rescue him for the damage I created. I was trying to wait and see if his hair would get as curly as Zach's did, but it just continued to find itself in a fuzzy knot ball more times than not.  It was time and I think his new cut is so adorable.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ryan's Pre-School Thanksgiving Feast

Getting to visit Ryan's pre-school is always a treat. You never know what you are going to get out of kids ages 3-5 years old, especially with paper turkeys on their heads! He and his classmates sang a darling gobble wobble song and then we all participated in a Thanksgiving Feast. Preston was pretty thrilled to be a special guest too!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Festivities...

Our ward Halloween party did not disappoint, especially with my friend, Jill's, costume as Beverly from the hit TV show, The Goldberg's. We had our annual chili cook-off and the weather was nice so the kids could go trunk to trunk getting candy. Preston caught on pretty quick to what was going on, but once he found a sucker, he was good! Preston was BB8 and coordinated with Ryan who was a storm trooper.  

On Halloween we invited some of Kate's good friends from school to come over to eat pizza before heading out to go trick or treating. She and her best friend, Emmy, were matching Penguins, the easiest costume yet! Zach dressed up at Average Joe, the dodge ball player and hopped around our surrounding neighborhoods with our neighbors the Gatchell's. He is too hard to keep up with so I went out with the girls. Emmy's mom Elma joined us too! The kids got so much candy this year. I let them dig into it right away hoping that they forget about it after a few days. And Justin has brainwashed the kids to think they are allergic to peanut butter so that they will give all their peanut candy to him. He thinks he is a genius.