Saturday, December 9, 2017

Loch Lollyland 2017...

Once again we were late to the game in getting our Christmas tree this year, so we opted for buying another pre-cut tree. Really it's not the worst way to go...just cheating or saving ourselves the time to hunt for the best tree, depending on how one looks at it. With Preston being as young as he is though I don't feel guilty at all about the pre-cut purchase. Anything that takes less time is the best choice at this point in my life. Besides that my kids really only care about seeing Santa and sipping the free hot chocolate after seeing Santa. Well and Ryan loves to watch the equipment of course. This was Preston's first real Santa visit and from the pictures you can see he was curious at first but pretty terrified to be held by the bearded man. Ryan only wanted to stand by Santa, but sure had tons of toys to ask for. Ryan asked for more construction toys, Kate asked for a Fitbit, and Zach asked for good grades(If he gets straight A's he can have sanpchat).

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