Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ryan's First Year of Pre K...

We barely squeked Ryan into the Oak Hills Pre School Pre 3's Class, and I am so glad we did.  He absolutely loved going to school. His teachers Miss Kragt, Franklin and Zapp were more than amazing! They loved every ounce of Ryan, and begged, even offered to switch their pre school schedule around to accommodate him(really me, because of the impending new baby mode that I will be in come next fall) for next year.  They especially loved Ryan for his love of construction vehicles. Every single show and tell he had something related to construction. The boy is obsessed! They made him the most darling picture scrapbook as a graduation gift. We were so sad to say good-bye. And he asked to go to pre school for a good couple of weeks after it ended.  Hopefully he will love his new pre-school next year just as much as he dis this year. 

 Miss Kragt
Miss Franklin

Monday, May 16, 2016

Happy Mother's Day...

My mom does so much for me and my family that words can't simply express how much I love her. I snapped this picture of her and the bouquet that she made for Kenzie Carter's wedding. This is just the tip of the iceburg of all the things she can and does do.  This year she really has come through for us by watching my kids every Wednesday while I go and teach at the studio.  But she doesn't just watch my kids, she cooks, cleans, folds laundry, does hair and plays endless hours of construction site with Ryan. I like to tell her that it all keeps her young and there is truth to that, but in the bigger picture she saves my behind week after week!  And I am forever grateful for her. I hope I turn out to be just as generous and gracious as she is.
In April I surprised Justin's family with a little visit to see Justin's cousin, Erick's, wedding day.  I was in Utah to see my friend Lindsey get married, but would have felt terrible if I didn't take a couple hours to see his side of the family. They were surprised and I was just grateful I caught up with them before they left the temple. As always it was fun to catch up and see each other.  I am so grateful for Justin's mom. We became great friends when we attended Dental School on the East Coast, while we lived and spent many a days at their house in Lewisburg and then in Pottstown. She raised Justin to be the great Dad and husband that he is today, and I will always be grateful for the many sacrifices I know she made and continues to make for me and my family. And I love her!  Now if ony they could sell their house in PA and move closer.  

I am so lucky to have these women to look up to. Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Westside Timbers Copa Vs. ADF State Cup Champion Game...

What a fantastic season for Zach and his team! They made it to the state cup finals for U11 but ended up losing to ADF by a free kick.  These boys had all the heart and team work, but were unlucky this year.  This was the last time these boys would play together before getting split up with the new birth year rule.  Zach will be skipping the U12 year and will be trying out for a spot on the Copa U13 team where both the field and team increase in size.  I think he is up for the challenge though.  He is so fun to watch and has grown a ton this year. Never once has he complained about going to soccer and is always excited to go and to be even early to all of his practices and games.  His motivation is rewarding to watch as a parent.

Some more great pics from the season...

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Disneyland 2016...

Once again Kate and I traveled down to Disneyland so she could dance in the parade and perform in their showase.  We left the boys at home because Zach's state cup soccer games started this weekend and Justin had continuing education classes he had to complete in order to keep his license current.   Kate and I were excited to get ourselves to California, but not excited to feel sick the entire trip.  We both came down with the worlds worst colds, but we rallied and made the most of it anyway.  Kate especially!  I am so amazed that she was able to perform through the sore throat and ackiness.  She is one tough cookie! Any time I begged her to take some medicine or asked if she wanted to go back to the hotel to rest she refused.  By Sunday afternoon I was wasted!  My pregnant self was worn out! But not Kate, she was determined to ride as many rides as possible and spend as much time playing with the girls on her team.

I managed to sneak in a few rides while Kate hit them all. I pretty much ate my way through disney.  Between the pulled pork at the Cozy Cone and the Dole Whip in Frontierland I was a happy pregnant girl, even if I was poppin' Zicam like it was candy in between it all.  Thank goodness my good friend Amber lives close to Disney and brought the entire pharmacy with her when she came to watch kate perform with her cute little girl Tessa! I had not seen Amber in five year so it was a great reunion!

Kate rode as many rides as possible with all her dance besties, Elle, Claire, Sally, Keely, Shae, Gabby...the list goes on.  These girls had a great time.  What a great trip despite our illness.  
Thanks to Zicam I was fine by a couple days after we got home.  kate on the otherhand ended up coming home and spiking a fever of 104 degrees, and was so exhausted with whatever the bug was going through her body, that she missed the entire week of school.  I am still amazed and happy we survived Disney again!