Wednesday, August 29, 2018

First Day of School 2018-19...

It's THE last first day of elementary school here for Kate. She is finally at the top of the school in 5th grade! She kicked things off all on her own from packing her back pack to making her own lunch and arranging her ride(her best friend Emmy came to pick her up) to school. Literally all Justin and I had to do was take a picture and give her some first day of school love before sending her off. She rocked her first day in Mrs. Klingner's class. I am hoping this is her best year yet!

  Today was Ryan's first day of Kindergarten at Bonny Slope. He is in Miss Kang's class and also had a great first day with recess(shocker) being his favorite part of the day. Kate made his lunch, we packed his back pack and he was off to ride the bus for the very first time. He was not nervous at all. Kate was a great big sister to him all day today. He is definitely excited to go back tomorrow.

Zach is the big guy at school this year as an 8th grader. How do I have a kid one year shy of entering high school, seriously?! He too got up and made his lunch, got himself ready and like Kate all I had to do was take a picture and give some first day of school love before sending him off. He was excited to start school so I am hoping that enthusiasm stays with him throughout the entire year. 

 Poor Preston was so confused at everything going on around him this morning. It finally hit him when Ryan and Kate got on the bus and he realized that he could not follow them on. The tears started to flow. It was so sad, but it made waking up from his nap to a full house of his siblings that much sweeter.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ryan's Best Friend LeBron...

Our friend John Dorrough works at Nike and informed us that LeBron would be at the Nike Headquarters for a little pick up game of kick ball. I think it was an event meant for employees and their families but really anyone could come watch. Knowing Ryan considered LeBron his "best friend" in his closet diaries part 1 video, we had to go watch. Never in my mind did I imagine what happened for Ryan today! He can definitely check one of his bucket list boxes off.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stank Face...

Oh Preston you sure are cute, but you can give one heck of  stank face!

Monday, August 6, 2018

McCall 2018...

Our Thompson Family Reunions are one of our favorite times of the year! McCall is so beautiful. We love spending time with all our cousins. This year we extended an invitation to Uncle Russ(my dad's twin brother) and his girls Gina and Janet(my first cousins) and their family. We welcomed them to the crazy! We'll see if they return again next. We sure hope so. My dad's other brother Jerry and his wife Vicky also joined us for a couple days. 

As always we spent the week playing on the water. We purchased a giant floating lily pad this year for the kids to play on. It was a huge success and even better success for us because it doesn't pop! The skies were a little smokey at times due to the wild fires in the area but we didn't let it ruin our week. The kids continue to get older and older every year. This year the big hit was learning how to fish! Especially for Ryan. Unfortunately he never actually caught one, but learned how to cast and reel in. Zach and Kate worked on perfecting their surfing skills of course. They both accomplished letting go of the rope! Ryan and Preston weren't huge fans of anything behind the boat, but they sure loved the Kayaks. They especially loved the water fight between us and dad!

We also discovered and made a new tradition of going to the Back Alley ice cream stand. Their scoops are huge! We will definitely be returning again the next time we travel to McCall. Some other new finds included Justin running the Ponderosa State Park and our girls walk to Little Payette Lake. And for a special treat the men sent the women to the spa for messages. We got spoiled!

No matter how many times we repeat this trip we always find new ways to keep it fun and exciting. Until next time...