Monday, July 28, 2014

18 Months...

Ryan, or should I say Mr. Personality, is really growing up fast!  He makes us all laugh with his attempts to repeat one syllable words we try to get him to say, with our most favorite being...DAD!  He loves to be outside, and can be found barefoot walking around the neighborhood most days.  Ice cream and blueberries are his favorite treats.  And his hair is taking on an identity of its own.  Everywhere we go, people comment on his golden curls.  Kate has nick named him "Mr. Curls".  We love our silly little boy!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Surf's Up...

Kate is loving dance! She auditioned for the Mini Performing Group at Elite and made it!  So we are jumping in with two feet this year to see if it will make or break her desire to perform.  And no, I am not like the Dance Mom's on TV.  I am very proud of her but am letting her take the lead!  So far so good.

This is a dance she learned this summer at her "Gotta Dance" camp.  It's so cute!

Friday, July 18, 2014

We Love the 4th of July...

Once again the 4th did not dissappoint.  We always look forward to this day because everyone is always in a good mood, and most importantly, the warmth and sunshine finally arrives to the part of the world.  

We spent the morning going out to breakfast to celebrate our good friend, Ellen Durrough's birthday.  Next stop was to Aunt Heather and Uncle Steve's for their annual neighborhood parade.  This year one of their friends fell on his bike and broke his femur! His shrill was so scary.  We saw the whole thing. Poor guy. So I guess something was a little out of the norm.  But good news, he is okay. Then we went back to our nighborhood for a picnic and waterslides.  We really have been so blessed to  live in such a great neighborhood where our kids have friends right ourside our door without having to arrange "playdates".  We ended the night with the family at Oak Hills for the big firework display. What a fun day!  The kids were so tired, they crashed, and so did we.     

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dancing Through the Decades...

Another year, another recital come and gone.  This year I taught 3 classes Creative Dance, 6-7 Ballet and 7-8 Jazz.  Kate was in 4 classes this year.  I thought she would have a hard time keeping up and staying motivated, but she rose to the occasion!  She took Kinder Tap and Jazz and then was in my 6-7 ballet and 7-8 Jazz. I am a proud momma and teacher that's for sure.  All my students did a great job.

On another note Kate was invited to audition for the Mini Performing Company and made it!  Parades, Holidays Performances, Competitions and other performing opportunities here she comes!  She loves to dance and this will be a fun adventure for her.  

I wasn't able to record her Kinder Level calsses but recorded both of the dances I taught her.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

2014 Baseball Season...

This year Zach was on the Phillies, coached by Molony and Limbocker.  His team won a few games here and there, but seemed to lose a little more than they would have liked too.  This might sound weird but I think them losing is a great learning experience for him. He will never know the good unless he knows the bad right?  He played center outfield and short stop most of the season, hit a triple and even got to pitch one game!  His batting skills improved the most I think.  Way to go Zach!

Double click the video to get to Full Screen.  I can't figure out how to make it fit into Blogger's perameters.