Friday, July 18, 2014

We Love the 4th of July...

Once again the 4th did not dissappoint.  We always look forward to this day because everyone is always in a good mood, and most importantly, the warmth and sunshine finally arrives to the part of the world.  

We spent the morning going out to breakfast to celebrate our good friend, Ellen Durrough's birthday.  Next stop was to Aunt Heather and Uncle Steve's for their annual neighborhood parade.  This year one of their friends fell on his bike and broke his femur! His shrill was so scary.  We saw the whole thing. Poor guy. So I guess something was a little out of the norm.  But good news, he is okay. Then we went back to our nighborhood for a picnic and waterslides.  We really have been so blessed to  live in such a great neighborhood where our kids have friends right ourside our door without having to arrange "playdates".  We ended the night with the family at Oak Hills for the big firework display. What a fun day!  The kids were so tired, they crashed, and so did we.     

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