Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Tradition...

I figure if you repeat the same thing year after year, for three years straight, you've got yourself a tradition!  It's exciting to finally have a tradition.  It only took 11 years, but we finally have one.

The day after Thanksgiving we bundle up and head out to Lock Lollyland to scout out the perfect tree.  The perfect tree took some extra hunting this year, but we found it!  We always have a great time cheering Justin on while he is cutting down the tree.  We also usually have plenty of hands to help carry the tree back to our car after cutting it, but this year I had the pleasure(insert sarcasm here) of carrying it down the hill with Ryan strapped to the front of me.  Thank goodness it was our smallest tree to date.

Santa and his reindeer are always at Lock Lollyland so afterwards the kids paid a visit to Santa and read their Chirstmas lists.  These Christmas lists are getting harder and harder for Santa to fullfill.  What a great way to start off the Christmas Season!