Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kate's 5th Birthday...

Could not come fast enough for her.  She had been telling people that she was 5 months ago.  Now it will be just a matter of time before she is telling people she is 6.  This year was a family birthday year, but still just as special.  Grandma got her a Strawberry Princess/Barbie cake with a matching life-size barbie head to doll up.  The cousins gave her a new pair of sparkly dress shoes and her very own ballerina journal.  On her actual birthday I picked her up from school, picked Brooke up from school and headed to get mani's and pedi's.  The girls were in heaven.  I think the highlight for Kate was getting her pink electric scooter.  She has been asking for months and thank goodness Target delivered on time.  Justin wasn't too excited to have to put it together, but ended up being easier than he thought, such a good dad!  All in all I think we have a very happy, grown up, Kate!  We love you!  

Monday, October 1, 2012

The First Day of School...

Zach started 2nd grade with a new teacher at Bonny Slope, Mr. Kelley.  Kate is back at Christ United Methodist for her final round of Pre-K, with Teacher Teresa.  They were so excited for their first day.  They woke themselves up, got themselves dressed and even did their own hair, Kate too!  My babies are growing up!  Good thing I am having another one.  The first day of school "must haves" this year were Vans for Zach and "Skatchers" that light up for Kate.  Since when did they have an opinion?  Again, it must be all part of that growing up thing.  

At the bus stop with Dylan, Noah and Nate!