Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ryan's First Pictures...

My Sister-in-law Mari came to the hospital to snap some photos of Ryan.  She got some great pictures of him.  He's just a peanut!  

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Then There Were Three...

Ryan Warren Marostica was induced into the world December 28, 2012, weighing in at 6 lbs. 11oz. and 19 1/2 in. long.  I am not so sure any of our kids would come on their own.  I have to admit I kind of like the whole induction thing.  I can get up and shower and plan for my hospital stay.  

So here I am just a few hours before his arrival.  I slipped on the hospital gown and they plugged me in and started me on Pitocin.  I went all the way to a 6 when I decided to call for the epidural.  My platelets were up this pregnancy and the epidural worked!  I felt nothing!  After progressing quickly to a 10 they laid me back to stall things until my doctor could make it to the delivery room.  Once he arrived the nurse told me when I was contracting and I gave a few good pushes.  4 contractions and about 12 good pushes and he was here, prefect and just as healthy as good be.  Best delivery yet!  Makes me think I should have more minus the the first two months of the infant stage...I get baby blues unfortunately.   What miracles babies are, and we feel so blessed to have this little guy in our family.  It's a little early to tell just who he looks like now, but he definitely looks like one of ours.  

His first visitors were grandma and grandpa Thompson who brought Zach and Kate to meet their new baby brother which was love at first sight, with a few tears shed from not being able to hold him long enough.    Then Jeff, Britt and the kids came later that night to hold him before they left town.  Then Heather and Brooke came to visit for a few minutes later in the night.  It was a pretty busy first day.  Mari, Halle and Maddi came the next day to see us and then Sunday we came home.  I hate trying to sleep in the hospital but coming home makes me nervous too!  I always freak out a little about how I am going to actually make this all work.  

We are surviving though, one day at a time.  Lots of eating, sleeping and dirtying diapers is going on around this house.  His first week home was a bit rough.  I had forgotten how to soothe a baby so he got super overtired and then was near impossible to be put to sleep.  He was up sometimes for 5 hours straight!  No bueno for me and Justin! Luckily we found his favorite way to fall back asleep so this last week was an improvement.  Some nights are still better than others, but I will take whatever sleep he will give me.  The kids haven't had as much holding time as they would like, but that will all change very quickly I am sure as he gets older and becomes more "awake".  We sure do love our Ryan!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Recap 2012...

Let's pretend like having a third child didn't phase me a bit and that I picked up right where I left off shall we?  The month of December is always crazy and chock full of festivities.  This year was no different.  We start off with our annual trip to pick out the tree.  It's tradition to find the tree, tell Santa what we want for Christmas and end with a little Hot Chocolate and Hot Dogs from good old Loch Lollyland out in North Plains, OR.  

This year I added a new decoration to the White Tree.  Well, really it's my mom's old gold and white ornaments that she passed down to me, but this last fall we spotted the perfect tree to hang them on.  I love it, minus the mess and time it took me to put it all up.  This might become an every other year kind of decoration.  
The kids hung up their ornaments on our green tree and instead of making Gingerbread houses this year, we simplified and made Gingerbread Men, thank you Costco!  

The Cousins came into town this year again, which always makes the holidays more special.  We took a little trip downtown to see Santa at Macy's to remind him of what we wanted for Christmas and wrote a our one last plea for our gifts of choice.

Zach was a wise man and Kate was an angel for our Christmas Eve Nativity.  She and Brooke flapped their arms as they entered and stood on the table hovered over the baby Jesus.  Too funny!  Wish I had it recorded.  We opened our Christmas jammies and waited for Santa to come.  

Kate finally got her own American Girl Doll, Kit, Barbie Make-up and Microphone that has entertained her daily ever since, and Zach got every soccer warm-up and accessory he could possibly ever need to feed his addiction to the sport.  Justin received his annual gift from his friend Austen.  Its pretty safe to say the bromance is still there.

We had a wonderful Christmas and we made it through without having contractions or making a run to the hospital.  Not that having baby Ryan wouldn't have been the best Christmas gift but having him cook a little longer is better than coming too early.