Friday, March 25, 2011

On to the Next...

Basketball is officially over. Zach is already looking forward to playing again next year. Eight games just wasn't enough for him. He had so much fun playing and really improved each week. This is a little footage from his very last game... Look at that follow through. He is channeling his inner Jimmer!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

And Then There Were 21...

My sister Heather just had her fourth. His name is Christian Armstrong Lambert, and he came in weighing a whopping 9lbs. 4oz. He is the 21st grandchild on my side of the family. My sister and her husband are more private people so I won't be posting a pic of him on here, but this is the gift I made for her. It is a first for me. I am not really sure what to call it but I decided to go with the car seat tent! Nice! Anyways, for someone who has everything by the fourth child, she didn't have this and I have been wanting to sew something with pom pom trim for over a year now. Well, I finally got my chance and if you want to see the entire "How to" as in how to make one yourself, I posted all the pics and directions on my Stampin' Up! Blog. Congrats Heather and Steve!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friends with Benefits...

Zach and Kate went to their first Blazer game last week. And thanks to an invite from our neighbor, Margie, experienced their first NBA game in style, with a box suite. It's nice to be spoiled every once and awhile. This was no exception with the endless amounts of food and drinks, bathroom on site, and the ability to play musical chairs. I have to admit as much as it was nice for the kids, it felt even better for Justin and me. But, now how are we ever going to want to go to a game again unless it is in a box suite? As Grandma RaeLynn would say "Why take the covered wagon, when you can take the cadillac?" We had a great time. It was worth keeping the kids up past their bedtime, on a school night, to have such a fun night out.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kate' First Talk...

Or should I say Justin's? It is still hard to believe that Kate is a sunbeam now. But sure enough just shy of being two months out of the gate, she gets an assignment to talk in Primary. We practiced for a week, not lying! A week because if she is anything like her momma, she was sure to cry through the entire talk and have her dad end up giving the talk. We practiced and practiced and performed it for Grandma, Dad and Zach. She even got to the point where she had some of it memorized. But of course in the end, her name was called to give the talk, and just with the call of her name she broke down in tears. She wouldn't even hold up the props. Justin ended up giving the talk. Maybe next time, things will be different. But then again, if she is like me, she won't dare give a talk until she turns 16! Why is giving a talk so scary?

Here she is all gussied up, and ready to give her talk a go. I sent her off to church(I had to stay home with Zach, who had a case of the Stomach flu), with high hopes that all would go well. Well it didn't but get this...later that day, 2 hours after she had been home from church, Justin asked her that if mommy had been there to help her, would she have given her talk? She said yes. Great! But then again, she talks a big talk. Just like when I know she has been into something she shouldn't be and I ask her if she has done it?...She blames her baby.