Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kate and Our Family Secrets...

I had my 35 week appointment yesterday and took Kate with me.  The doctor came in and did the routine check for the heartbeat and then proceeded to measure my ever growing stomach.  He then asked if he had done an ultrasound lately because I am measuring small, which in translation means you are not having this baby on time...lucky me.

I replied by telling him I could eat more donuts or McDonald's if that would help the baby grow, sarcastically of course.  Kate immediately told the doctor that I hate McDonald's...true!  He then started laughing and told me a story about one of his patients who is overweight, who was trying to explain that she was making an effort to stay away from junk foods and fast food in particular.  She had her daughter at her appointment too who interrupted their conversation to set things straight by telling the doctor that what her mommy was saying wasn't true because they had gone to McDonald's before the appointment that day.

He and I were laughing and Kate whips out, "My Dad picks his nose!"  The Dr. replied, "What?"  She then explained that she and I caught our daddy picking his nose in our new car.  I explained to the doctor that we had just bought a new car and that my husband, who tried to brush it off as having to scratch his nose, was clearly picking his nose, and that we had caught him in the act.  Kate was laughing hysterically!  We all started laughing.

Oh boy, kids say the darndest things don't they.   There is no such thing as a family secret!  Makes me wonder what her pre-school and dance teachers know...Too Funny!

This is a video of Kate's Thanksgiving Pre-school Program.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Croquet Bird, The 3 of Hearts, The Butterfly and Lionel Messi...Oh My!

What do you get when you mix a Fairy Tale themed party and a couple when one of halves is pregnant?  The game pieces from Alice in Wonderland.  It was quite a stretch but we were going for Alice's bird she uses when playing croquet,  and the 3 of Hearts.  How did we do?  Not too shabby for being 7 months pregnant, considering I won a prize for being the runner up as the most creative costume.  Thank goodness Justin went along for the ride.  There was no way I was going to squeeze myself into a princess costume.  

As for the kids, Kate was a Butterfly and Zach, Lionel Messi, the famous soccer player from Argentina.  The Halloween festivities began with the Annual Thelin Party, followed by Grandma and Grandpa's Spook-etti dinner, and ending with crazy amounts of candy from a couple hours of trick or treating.  353 pieces...but who's counting?  That's a lot of sugar!   

The Bird and The 3 of Hearts
The Butterfly
 Sister butterflies, because not matching is not an option for these two these days.
 Pre-Trick or Treating
 Come on just be normal and smile please!
 The neighborhood Boo Crew
  Post-Trick or Treating 
 Their Loot!