Monday, March 19, 2012

Zach's First Science Fair...

Or should I say Justin's first Science Fair, because let's just be honest here, what First Grader is actually going explain how his beyblades, which are the modern day version of a spinning top toy, can be explained by the laws of Gyroscope physics? I can guarantee that if you are reading this you are already scratching your head wondering what is Gyroscope Physics.

Although Zach would have never come up with this idea on his own, I do applaud Justin for finding a way to engage Zach's attention and interest in science and applying it to his absolute most favorite toy...BEYBLADES!

Zach's Science Fair Project was about the Physics Principles in a Spinning Top(beyblades). Ready for your science lesson? I should know because just an hour before the Science Fair started I was explaining to Zach what the 5 physics principles to a spinning top are...seriously me? The one with a dance ed degree and a minor in business? I couldn't be further from what I claim to know! But he had to know, he was going to have reviewers coming and asking him questions. Justin said he went over it with Zach as they were putting the poster together the night before, when I spoke to him the morning of,telling him he better plan on coming home from work early to help his son understand and be able to explain his science project, but come on really? Gyroscope Physics, Beyblades, First Grade, Zach? You've got to be kidding me!

Really Zach should have planned to tell them, "Ask my Dad, it was his idea!", but no protective me couldn't let that happen, he had to have something to say for this.

SO here's the skinny! Because this is turning into a novel. Really!
The 5 Principles are:
1. Friction
2. Gravity
3. Moment of Inertia
4. Torque
5. Angular Momentum

Picture me up in Zach's room, beyblade in hand, launcher in the other, the beyblade stadium below pointing out the 5 principles and trying to get Zach to understand and repeat the process back to me. He would get it, and then I would ask him two minutes later about one of the principles and then he would look at me like well mom aren't you going to give me the answer? Panic? Yes!

So here we are at the school and did I really need to panic? Because, honestly, I am sure every adult in the gym knew that this was NOT a first graders' idea, that a parent obviously helped in this situation. But, I listened in while the 2 reviewers interviewed Zach about his science project and I have to say, I was pleasantly impressed with how confidently Zach presented himself and his project. He even explained 3 out of the 5 principles, Gravity, Friction and Angular Momentum (Insert proud mom here!) He either learned something in our crash course or he is the best ""!

Of course he was way more interested in showing the reviewers how the beyblades actually work, and when they asked him what he would have done anything differently the next time, his reply was, "I would have brought L Drago(a different beyblade)to show everyone. (Insert me dying!)

Zach/Justin's project was a success and I think most people were impressed that science can be applied to beyblades, and it was an obvious hit with the kids. For the record, I am almost positive that most to the projects were suggestions from an adult, but I think next year I will be making sure Zach does most of the work!

Here he is with one of the reviewers. He really was so confident and I think felt he sort of knew what he was talking about. I hope he remembers these moments, because I know I will.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Basketball 2012...

Zach pretty much hot dogged his way through his 8 game basketball season, convincing his teammates that he would be their best friend if they passed the ball to him, dribbling the ball with his signature under the leg move, endless rounds of ball hogging, and his need to keep score! Needless to say I think we might play him up next year to serve him up a piece of humble pie.

He even attempted to dribble the ball behind his back!

Zach and of buds!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Not Even a 2 Hour Delay...

Since March is halfway over, tulips and daffodils are blooming, and we've had a few 60+ degree days, I think it is pretty safe to say that winter is over. The sad part is that it never really came. It snowed, but it would all melt after a couple hours. What a bummer! Usually when Portland gets even a trace of snow they cancel school. Not this year. In fact when we got a couple inches the kids still had school.

Thank goodness just the sight of white fluffy stuff gets Zach and Kate excited.

This is Zach's best friend and neighbor Nate. The one morning we got a couple inches of snow the district cancelled the bus up to our neighborhood, which means its up to us, the parents, to get our kids to school. I snapped this pic of the two of them before we left, because I knew it would all be melted by the time school was over.

So much for sledding this year!