Monday, July 28, 2008

To Celebrate 6 Years...

Of bLiSsFul marriage to the hub, we took off up to NYC for the day. We started the day out with a bang doing a session in the Temple, well a bang for me at least, since it has been so embarrassingly(is that a word?) long since I had gone last. Then ate lunch at the Rockefeller Center Cafe, outside by the ol fountain. After lunch we set off in search for my new "knock-off" purse. Then ended the day walking through Central Park, people watching, eating ice cream and enjoying the perfect weather! We were there about 8 hours, but had to get back for what I thought was to get the kids so grandma, grandpa and Tyson could go to their interview, but instead ended up being my surprise birthday party...the post before.

Apparently we, along with my best friend from high school, Claire, who got married today too, won't be the only ones celebrating our anniversary on the same day.

This is what Justin wishes we would have been doing...ok so they were kissing when I sat down, but to not look so obvious Justin waited to snap the picture.

I wanted Justin to take me for a ride in one of these boats around Central romantic right?

After I talked him into it, we went to check it out, and of course the line was forever long...welcome to NY! Needless to say, I did not get my ride.

Instead we opted out to watch the "footbag" competition. You can imagine what Justin called it... %&#bag.

Justin found his new career in life though...

What? He felt inspired...wouldn't you be?

My Birthday...

Weekend! On the actual day of my birthday Grandma and Grandpa and uncle Tyson came over to watch the kids while Justin took me out to dinner. Afterward we came home and had cake. Tyson made this yummy cake, not from a box, but from scratch! It really was so good, and even good the next day too! Tyson is quite the cook.

On Saturday I was given my very first SuRpRiSe BiRtHdAy party ever. I seriously had no clue! Justin and I went to New York for the day to celebrate our anniversary. While we were there Justin had invited all our friends from dental school up to his parent's house for a BBQ. Everyone was in on the whole thing. I thought that we had to be back from New York at 6pm so that Tyson and the grandparents(Who were watching the kids...aren't they the best! We are so lucky to have them.) could go to an interview at church, which I thought was wierd to do on a saturday, but still believed. Val was planning a movie night with some of our friends, and what a great liar she turned out to be. Luke and Em called wanting to get together, little did I know that they were already at Justin's parents house, the stinkers. You all got me! It was so much fun. I got to blow out the candles to my second cake, made by a patient of Justin's, the reason for the cake saying not only a happy birthday to Ashley, but a "Happy Birthday to Ashley Marostica!" The kiddos couldn't wait to get their portion with a flower.

A pic with some of the girls...smaller group? yes! Summer birthdays are always hard to get everyone together, so some are missing. We also took a big hit last year when some of them decided it was ok to move away after their husbands graduated school. Little do they know the big money is in the East, or so so many of us are told.

What is Austen flashing towards us?

Oh yeah, he promised me he would wear his "Birthday Suit" for me, I quess this was the sneak peak!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"She Looks Like Zach"...

Is the comment I have been receiving for the last couple of months. I have been in somewhat of a denial to this comment only because I want to think she looks more like a girl than a boy. But then again, Zach was always mistaken for a girl.

Justin randomly took this picture of Kate to show the shiner she received, when a perfume bottle landed on her eye, falling from the cupboard of grandpa's motor home. (I know, sad)When I was loading the pictures up onto my computer I remembered this picture we took of Zach a little over three years I want to say they do look alike, but different in small ways. Such a toss up! It's funny how you end up taking the same pictures of your kids, and in the same setting, but completely different year and location.

Zach in a hotel in Rehobeth Beach, DE, 9 months old

Kate in a hotel in Boise, ID, 9 months old

Monday, July 21, 2008

For Our Vacation...

This year we went to McCall, Idaho. Grandma and Grandpa + 7 kids + 7 spouses + 18 grandchildren + 4 cousins + 1 family friend = my side of the family's family reunion. Here's the summarized run down of the long list of events that took place over the week. We all got matching t-shirts, thanks mom.

The House we rented was beautiful. 7 Bedrooms with too many beds to count, 7 bathrooms, located 50 yards from the water, its own private dock, an outdoor fire pit, front loader washer and dryer(Can you tell I can't wait to get a house someday?), several TVs, the list could go on and on.

This was the view we woke up to every morning from our bedroom on the third floor. We were nestled back in the trees, but could see the homes clear on the other side of the lake.

Onto the activities...Justin and I both got to ski and wake boarded (sorry no picture). It has been 4 years since our last time out on the water. Our bodies hurt. Skiing does not care what kind of shape you are in.

A little fishing. The boys let all the fish go. OK so they cooked one of them.

Took pictures with all the babies born this past year. (From Left to Right we have Isaiah 9 months, Kate 9 months, Heath 8 months, Brooke 2 months, and Ethan 10.5 Months)

Played on the boat and the dock...Mostly in the boat for Kate. She was a wild girl and I had to cage her in the boat.

Britt holding Kate
Zach and Me

Were able to make a craft every morning, so we didn't spend too much time in the sun.
(From Left to Right in the back Andrea, Kyle, Zach, Tyler, Parker, in the front Lauren, Alec)

Chilled and caught up with family. We miss everyone living so far on the other side of the US.
Me and Marnae

Zach, Tyler and Parker
Justin and Brian
Me, Britt and Mari
Zach, Brandon and Alec

Went swimming.

Went tubing! This was the highlight of Zach's week. He was so brave and always up for a good bounce in the tube. He kept telling Uncle Andy to go faster and hit the rad waves! Of course he was well equipped with his goggles. What a funny little guy.
Zach and Parker

Zach and Halle
Lauren, Rylee, Malachi and Zach
Tubing = wild hair!
We had so much fun and would have loved to stay there another week if we could have. Zach had so much fun playing with all of his cousins and we miss hanging out with everyone and forgetting about all of our responsbilities with work and school. For more pics click here.

4th of July 2008

On the 4th of July, we began the day with the annual Oak Hills Neighborhood parade. Kate was in a good mood. Zach was not...someone needed a nap already!

At least the cousins had fun.

Even Thomas had fun despite the broken leg.

Zach finally cheered up by the evening. We met up with the family for a potluck BBQ in Heather's neighborhood. There was lots of yummy food, and everyone was getting excited for the fireworks to come.

Once we walked to the Oak Hills park and field the boys waited for the show to start, horsing around and showing me their silly faces. The rest of the fam smiled for the camera waiting patiently for the fireworks to start.






Mari, Heath and Halle

Grandma and Grandpa T.

Steve, Thomas, Heather and Brooke(asleep in the blanket)

And Us.

Of course the best part of the entire 45 min. show is the finale...which this year lasted a minute!