Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kate's On Two Wheels...

It's true, Kate is riding a two wheeler! There are quite a few kids that live in our new neighborhood, and one of the favorite activities is to race on their bikes. They even have a "Finesh Line" chalked across the street. Yesterday, Kate had been riding our neigbor's balance bike all morning. When I came outside in the afternoon to check on them, she begged me to take off the training wheels on Zach's old bike. Honestly, I didn't want to, only because I was more afraid of her hitting the pavement. She is persistant though, and I obviously gave in, and now she's practically a pro! It literally took her one try with me holding on to the back and running along side of her. She kept pedalling faster and I was soon left in the dust.

This is footage I took of her right after she learned yesterday.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oh Kate...

There are really only two ways we find you these days. One,is in your swimsuit,which once again we caught you fast asleep on the couch, and Two, is in your "Lillytard" aka "The White Dress". You are obsessed with these items and your world would not be complete without them. Your latest favorite thing to do is dance around the house to your "Primpess" music. We have recently unpacked some old toys, and you re-discovered your Disney Princess Portable CD player. You have been in heaven ever since, dancing around on every surface of Grandma's house.