Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's Finally Done!

Justin's office is finally done, well except for a few things like back ordered toilet paper roll holders, chair rails and small details that still need to be filled in.  But it is done!  Who knew building a new office from scratch would be so much work!  We owe a huge thank you to my mom for helping us with the design, color, and materials.  She really knows her stuff!  I am afraid to know what it might have ended up looking like if it were just up to me and Justin.  And of course we can't forget to thank our General Contractor and all his subs who made the design come to life.  

Given the bones we got to work with as far as the existing building we moved into, I think it turned out great!  Of course there will always be things we wish we could have done, but with a tight budget, having to meet specific OSHA requirements, and building around things that were unchangeable, we feel really good about the outcome.  Now all we can hope is that it pays off, if you know what I mean.  So far, the response from patients has all been positive, which is great.  You always wonder if people are going to walk in a be overwhelmed or underwhelmed.  I hope neither.  The goal was to make it inviting, so if we are still in business after a few years I think we will have our answer.

He had an open house last Friday and after it was over we took some pictures. Justin took more detailed pics with his phone when there was still daylight, and I just got the general ones, as the sun was setting. So drumroll please!

Reception Area
 More Reception desk and East Hallway
 Consult Room
 One of the Doctor's Ops
 Staff Room
 Records Room
  Inside the Surgical light!
 North Hallway
 South Hallway
 Doctor's Op, we frosted and tinted the windows, rather than have dust collecting blinds.
 Other side of Sterilization
 West Hallway
 Hygiene Op
 Dental Chair, we purchased used and had them reupholstered.
 The Pass-throughs from Sterilization
 Doctor's Op
 Consult Room, in case you wondered if the doctors really do have a degree.
 Doctor's Op
 Surgical Suite
 North Hallway, the staff is loving how bright it is with all the windows. 

If you want to see more you are just going to have to take a trip out to Portland and visit us.  Oh Gee Darn!  

My Funny Bunnies...

 Finally, a sunny and warm Easter!  We definitely lucked out this year.  The kids got spoiled by the Easter Bunny, wore their new Sunday clothes, had a great egg hunt up at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and hopefully remember what they learned in church...the real meaning as to why we celebrate this day.

  Zach made a mad dash to gather up as many eggs as he could find while Kate took her time.

I love this last pic, faded and all.  There's just something about having a sunny day on Easter that makes it so much better!
They are looking so grown up to me lately.