Monday, July 14, 2014

Dancing Through the Decades...

Another year, another recital come and gone.  This year I taught 3 classes Creative Dance, 6-7 Ballet and 7-8 Jazz.  Kate was in 4 classes this year.  I thought she would have a hard time keeping up and staying motivated, but she rose to the occasion!  She took Kinder Tap and Jazz and then was in my 6-7 ballet and 7-8 Jazz. I am a proud momma and teacher that's for sure.  All my students did a great job.

On another note Kate was invited to audition for the Mini Performing Company and made it!  Parades, Holidays Performances, Competitions and other performing opportunities here she comes!  She loves to dance and this will be a fun adventure for her.  

I wasn't able to record her Kinder Level calsses but recorded both of the dances I taught her.

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