Thursday, December 7, 2017

He's a teenager!

We officially have a teenager in the house. 13!...13!! How does this happen so fast? I hate when birthdays fall on weekdays. Seems weird that we celebrated the milestone of becoming a teen so quietly with just presents and donuts, but the simpleness does not represent what we think of Zach. He is such a joy to have in the family. He is always so willing to help out whenever he can and is one of the hardest working kids I know. He loves soccer and loves all things sports. ESPN is his favorite network to watch. He is doing really well in school and is working hard to get straight A's so that he can get the app Snapchat on his phone. His best friend in Nate. His favorite meal is fettuccine alfredo and salad with garlic bread. And my favorite thing, which I know will not last forever, is that he still enjoys hanging out with our family on the weekends. SO as much as he is a teenager now, he sure is not acting like it!

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