Thursday, November 23, 2017

Give Thanks 2017...

This year we had planned to host Justin's side of the family for thanksgiving to gather everyone together before Grandma and Grandpa Marostica left for their mission to Chili in the spring. Everything was going according to plan until a couple days before we received a phone call from Uncle Tyson telling us that he was in the hospital for kidney stones and a call from Uncle Brandon that he couldn't get shifts covered at his shop in Orem. Aunt Ashlee and her family plus Grandma and Grandpa were already en route driving to Oregon, so instead of working with the family we had coming Justin got a wild hair and invited my side of the family too! We had over 50 people in our house for Thanksgiving. The missionaries were also here to give an idea of just how many people were within my 4 walls.  We cooked 3 turkeys and had 2 of every side to feed the masses. It was insanity! I hardly remember all that went down and had zero meaningful conversations with family, but I sure hope the family and friends that came over felt welcome and had a great time.  

After the madness died down we spent the remainder of the weekend with Justin's family playing games, swimming at Villa and even ventured out to the see the zoo lights, with a trip to Krispy Kreme after for Preston's first donut, to get us into the Christmas spirit and Holiday season. We don't get together often enough with Justin's side of the family so I was happy that we could host those that could come. Bonds grow stronger with more time spent together. I am Thankful for family, immediate and extended, and thankful for Justin for working so hard to put us in a position to be able to welcome so many family and friends into our house for the holidays. 

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