Thursday, November 6, 2008

Out of the Mouth...

Of this babe, Zach's friend Aleah, comes this sweet and innocent little story...

Zach and Aleah have been playing non-stop every afternoon outside, while the weather is still somewhat nice. After about an hour they always venture back inside one of their houses. This time being mine. They play with toys for a little while, but eventually get bored of the toys and ask for the TV or...

Zach - "Mom can I show Aleah my favorite game on Playhouse Disney on the "concuter"?"

Me - "Sure."
(While I was changing the page on the computer, Aleah saw my Yahoo page with Obama's picture on the news feed."

Aleah - "Hey, that's Barack Obama!" pointing her little finger at the screen.

Me - "You're right!"

Aleah - "Yeah, I don't like him!"

So take it from the mouths of babes. I was more impressed that she knew who he was. Zach has no idea. At school on Tuesday they had him vote between a cat and a dog. He chose the dog. That's about how much voting/election/political education has taken place in our home. It really is true that we learn by example. I guess you know who her parents voted for on Tuesday.

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