Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Dinner Conersation...

tonight went like this.

Zach - (patting my chest) You have a baby in your belly.
Me - That's NOT my belly.
Zach - (patting his stomach) When you have a baby your stomach gets bigger?
Me - Yes.
Zach - And then your baby makes a hole and pops out?
Me - Yes.
Zach - And then you just close it up?
Me - Yep!
Zach - How?
Me - The doctor sews it up with stitches.
Zach - I wish I should have a new baby.
Me - You do?
Zach - Yeah... (patting Kate on the shoulder) She's an old baby. (a few minutes later) Because I want a little brother for Kate to play with.
Oh boy...what am I in for?
In addition to his curious little mind, he has an imaginary brother and sister. I thougt this was temporary, but it has been a few weeks that he has been mentioning things about his older sister "Trixie" and is younger brother "Alex". All three of them went to webelos with Daddy tonight.

Zach as DJ Lance from Yo Gabba Gabba. Thanks Grandma for this cool new dress-up!


Patrick and Paige said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!! I love the "old baby" comment. Classic!!! and clever. what a sweet boy.

The Perry Family said...

He is too funny!! And so smart, I might add.

Sarah K. said...

Zach is such a funny, clever kid. We've got a baby brother for Kate to play with. 2-4 am is his playtime :)

li'l mil said...

Sounds like you'd better add Trixie and Alex to your name lists :) And hey, Zach was basically just telling you that you've got ginormous bazoombas. Work it!

Jamie said...

That kid is so funny!