Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Comings and Goings...

Uncle Tyson and Aunt Jayne stopped here on their way to Philly for the summer. They weren't here very long. just enough to get some dental work done, celebrate Jayne's 20th birthday(man does that make me feel old), and to have the kids in tears as they disappeared into the airport. Zach and Kate absolutely loved having them here. They had them busy playing all sorts of things.

Kate was so tired after they left, this is the second time we caught her asleep in a random place. We thought she was watching ET, but with a closer look, she was sacked out, lip gloss and all!

Next up was Egg Dyeing with the cousins. Zach was so proud of his BYU egg. He is still talking about how great Jimmer is.

Zach ran in his school's fundraiser, Running for the Arts. He ran 11 laps around the school track in 30 minutes. 4 1/2 laps is a mile. I think we have a little runner on our hands.

And now Easter and a week away from May. Where does the time go?

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Devon said...

That Kate is getting so amazingly beautiful! Just like her Mom!