Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Story 3...

Throughout the year I have been telling Zach that I would let him have a play date with his friends, Ian and Grant. Every week I tried to pick a good day, but it just never seemed to work out, especially because of the one car that we have and the limited amount of seats in our said one car. And you can't just invite one, leaving the other out! I was feeling like the slacker mom. So when Justin had that afternoon off last Wednesday, I had him stay home with Kate while I took Zach and his buddies to see Toy Story 3. All three of them were dying to see it the day it came out and loved it! I am so sad that Zach has to leave these two boys. They are so fun and all get a long so well. He hasn't quite realized that he will be leaving friends behind, because he is looking forward to playing with his Portland cousins. I am afraid that when school starts he will be asking where Grant and Ian are.

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Devon said...

What an awesome mom you are! And I seriously just love Zach. I want Maddox to be just like him!

I can't believe you guys are already leaving Utah? You need to let me know when you go, because we're coming out in July and it would be such fun to come see you (or help you pack, as it may turn out). There are so many VF1st ladies out there now we could have a serious party!