Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Second Quilt...This Time Minky!

Back in March Justin's mom was out for a visit. Since making my first quilt with her help one of our favorite things to do when we are together is to go to quilt and fabric shops to scope out what's new. One of our stops was at Elaine's Quilt Shop in Sandy. We both spotted this Minky Kit and had to have it! So here it is all finished! The squares came with the kit all pre-cut(love that), but I went back a month or so ago to pick up some different binding material(the original was white flannel...that would have gotten so dirty), and picked out the backing material. Thanks to my friend Melody, who let me use her sewing machine, and my other friend Cammie, for quilting it for me, I am the proud owner of this cuddly blanket.

So I learned a lot making this quilt.
1. When you sew minky you have to use a walking foot. I have never heard of that before nor have one, hence the reason why I used Melody's machine.
2. You can use minky on both sides of the quilt. I must have stood in Elaine's for a half an hour debating between minky and glad the nice lady that works there talked me into the minky. I figured that the stretchy-ness of minky would be hard to quilt. Obviously not for Cammie. She did an amazing job.
3. I think I finally learned how to bind the corners. My first quilt was a some what of a disaster around the corners, but this time I think I got it!


Niki said...

Very cute. I love to quilt too but haven't done anything in over a year and have never tried the minky. Maybe that should be my next project.

Krystal said...

Way cute! Look at you all crafty. I must say I wish we still lived by each other you could teach me a few fun things! It is very cute. NIce job!

Patrick and Paige said...

Soooooo cute! Good job...did you make this for my baby??? Hahaha J/K...but seriously...haha

li'l mil said...

So cute! Maybe I'll send you money and you can pick out cute fabrics for me, since JoAnn's is seriously lacking. How big is the quilt? The binding looks aweseome, too! Nice work, lady.

Thompson Family said...

You are tooo crafty! Can't wait til you get here and can teach me a thing or two. Have a safe trip!