Monday, July 5, 2010

The End of the Residency...

Last Tuesday Justin and I went to his end of the year residency dinner thingy...where they say good-bye and good luck to the old residents and welcome the new residents. Now tell me that year didn't go by in a flash. As part of the program the assistants give each of the residents a parting bag of goodies(or bag of inside jokes) to show the residents they were appreciated, and to wish them well in the future. Mallory presented Justin with his and as part of the gift they had created this picture in a frame photo-shopped with all of the assistants and office staff laying a hand on some part of Justin's body from the picture they had found on our blog months ago. Remember that soccer picture of his that he conveniently forgot his uniform, but posed in front of the year 98? If you can't remember check it out below. Now picture that pose with his assistants and office staff standing behind and around him leaning towards him with their hands out-stretched for him. On the frame they had Team Marostica. It was the perfect gift! He will never live this one down. He had such a great experience with this residency and misses it and the people he interacted with on a daily basis. We made some lasting friends that's for sure.

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