Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drumroll Please...

This past Friday night was the annual Primary Talent Show. Once again, Zach so bravely participated. Only this time instead of playing the guitar, he went with his drums. Although shorter than practiced, it is still just as sweet! Or should I say bangin! If you missed last year's talent show click here for your refresher.



The next few videos are of some of Zach's friends. If only I was a little more computer savvy, I could send the videos to my girlfriends, so that they could post about their own kids' talents. I took the liberty to do it for them. Hope they don't mind. These kids are so darn cute.

Ben Fairchild, "Counting to 100"


Mitchell Martin, "Basketball Skillz, and a rap"


Gracee Broadbent, "Cartwheelin"



Laraine T said...

Oh my gosh!! I laughed right out loud. I especially loved the "what now?" exression on Justin's face!

Sarah K said...

The boys were sick so I missed out. Lucy told me all about it but it was cute to see it live.

Patrick and Paige said...

Man, u weren't kidding. that was short. hahaha. but still very cute just like you said.

Brian and Marnae Powell Family said...

That kid is so funny. I am so excited to be living closer to him soon!!!

Devon said...

Those were darling! I wish I could have been there too...it sounded like a huge success!

Nancy Martin said...

Thanks for posting the video of Mitchell. I'm going to have Tom figure out how to copy it to our blog.

Crystal said...

That was adorable! Little Zac has many sides to him, I love teaching him!