Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Day of 2nd and 5th Grade...

Another school year has come and gone, but this one is a little different because Zach will be heading to Cedar Park Middle School next year.  He is lucky to have such a support of kids his own age from our neighborhood.  It is so hard to believe they will not be walking with our younger ones next year! I am sure they are so excited though.

The Gatchells in keeping with tradition supplied all the neighborhood kids with VooDoo Donuts. These kids are so lucky to have each other, and its at this time of year that I feel fortunate to have such wonderful nieghbors and playmates for my kids, and within arms reach, literally!
So for Kate, so long 2nd grade and for Zach see ya 5th grade and hello middle school!

And I just had to do a comparison for Zzch from his first day of Kindergarten at Skyline Elementary to his last day at Bonny Slope Elementary. The kids are growing up!

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