Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kaleidoscope and Best of the Billboards...

Another Recital is in the books!  Kate was in a lot of dances this year because of her participation on the Performing Co. and she handled it all pretty well.  There might have been one slight melt down, but when you're 8, and you spend a week rehearsing and end it with a weekend full of 5 shows, its bound to take a toll emotionally and physically.  

She had a busy year with lots of performance opportunities and made lots of friends with the girls on her team, especially with Claire. They were the only two 2nd graders on their team and bonded instantly. I am glad they have each other.

One of these days I hope I get the chance to watch a recital performance from the perspective of an audience member, but I am glad to have so much family come and support where I can't. One of the biggest surprises was her cousins Maddi and Lauren being able to come and watch(thanks to Aunt Mari for flying them out for Halle's 16th birthday). It meant so much to Kate to have the love and support she has from Grandma, Aunt Heather, her cousin Brooke, Mari and Halle and of course her dad and brothers. What a great year!


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