Saturday, August 3, 2013

Utah Soccer Camp turned Family Summer Vacation...

Over the week of July fourth we took a trip to Utah so Zach could participate in a BYU soccer camp.  Kate, Ryan and I tagged along to make it an official family vacation.  And somehow we managed to get a picture of every other activity besides the camp itself. 
Justin had his full circle moment having Zach at that camp.  The coach even mentioned to the entire camp that he had coached Zach's dad.  Zach thought that was pretty cool!  He played so well that he moved up a level within the first day because he was dominating his own age level.  You can imagine what this did for Zach's confidence level. 
Its always a treat to go to Utah.  Being able to spend time with friends and family is always fun.  We swam at Cowabunga Bay with the Broadbents, saw Monster's University and fireworks with Justin's side of the family and played at Seven Peaks and watched Stadium of Fire(from a distance) with my side of the family.  Whew what a week, we were so busy.  As always we didn't visit half the people we wanted many people, such little time, especially when trying to let Ryan nap just enough to survive the crazy schedule. 
Ryan met Great Grandpa Van for the first time, Zach met Kyle Van Noy, a future NFL hopeful, Kate braved more waterslides than any other 5 year old I know, and Ryan enjoyed his first pickle. Good Times had by all! 



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Emily said...

Looks like a lot of fun. And we know how that is to not be able to see everyone you want to see. We were in Oregon for 10 days for our reunion and we really only saw family. There are just too many people and not enough time!