Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tiny Dancer...

This year Kate took ballet from teacher Grace, and jazz from me.  Teacher Grace is one of my young women from church who trained at Oregon Ballet Theater.  She was a wonderful teacher for Kate to learn the basics from.  Kate knew exactly what to do at their showcase right down to the way you hold your hands.  I still remember learning how to hold my hands as a 6 year old, so it was so fun for me to watch Kate go through the same process this year. 

Kate with Teacher Grace and sister's Claire and Lilly, who assisted Grace.  We love the Newsom girls!
This is Kate's Kinder Jazz class and the girls I was able to teach this year.  They were such a fun, energetic group of girls.  They danced to "Rockin Robin" and were the cutest little birds in the concert.  I gave a special part to Kate where she ran from the corner and cartwheeled her way back into formation.  The crowd loved it and she loved the attention.  It was my consolation for putting her in the second line instead of front and center.  She does me proud and I love that I get to teach her.  I could spend hours teaching these girls!

At the end of the concert they always do a grand finale to celebrate the end of another year.  This is a little snippet.  Although she won't admit it and appears to be a bit shy at first, you can tell she loves to be on stage. 

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