Friday, August 16, 2013

Ryan 6 Months

Time just doesn't seem to slow down around here.  I have had these pictures and videos loaded for a month now just waiting for me to sit down and type a little something about our sweet Ryan.  He's 7 and half months as I type.  So lets play catch up.  Here's the skinny!

We technically started solid foods at 5 months, but it has taken a month for him to catch onto eating food off the spoon.  His favorite food is squash.  He got his two lower teeth and has successfully bitten me a time or two with those razor sharp teeth! Yikes! He learned to crawl and can sit up all by himself.  He is on the verge of dangerous, the silent type, where you know when you don't hear from him in awhile that he is not where he should be allowed(stairs).  We took him swimming for the first time and he's a fish.  He loves the water, even face plants himself to get a good taste of the chlorine.  And best of all his little personality is starting to show.  He giggles and is spitting raspberries at the older kids to get their attention.  He loves when all eyes are on him.   

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