Wednesday, July 22, 2009

McCall Revisited...

To keep up the tradition, my family all gathered again, for a week in McCall, Idaho, for some fun in the sun. Well the first day it rained, but the rest of the week was great! Here are the highlights...

Zach's favorite activity, water fights with the "Brother Cousins" (Alec and Parker).
The beach, well what there is of it anyway. The water is so high from all the great winters Idaho has been getting. Still, we love it for all the kids to be able to play without the fear of the "deep" waters.
Zach's other favorite activity, tubing. The kid could not get enough!

On this particular run Zach hit a huge wave that caused him to soar into a back flip barely hanging on to stay in the tube. My sister Paige has it on footage soon to come hopefully. He thought it was great...the same kid who is fearful of the "deep"! I don't think I will ever get it.

OK, so maybe this was his favorite activity, playing with all his boy cousins. My brother Andy bought this new Aquaglide. Britt, Paige and I tried it much fun, so many options to keep yourself on, that is unless Paige is holding onto you to keep herself from falling off the darn thing.

Kate with her new suit on...I saw this at my Costco, they were out of her size, called my mom to check her Costco, and sure enough they had it. I just love the ruffle bum! Thanks to cousin Halle for the cute piggy tails.

A little "Man Tubing"! AKA tubing without holding on to the tube while the driver of the boat attempts to eject you as high and as far away from the tube as possible. Many head-aches are suffered here.
How does one fall asleep sitting up? Pure exhaustion. Poor Zach could not keep his eyes open.

Kate's new best friend, my new found babysitter, cousin Lauren. This sweetheart made my vacation that much more fun and relaxing.
If you could not find that "something" you were missing and you were sure it was in the house somewhere, rest assured Kate had it and was stashing it in her little hideout, the bathroom cupboard.

Another one of Zach's favorites, "Grandma's Store" where they trade coupons for treasures. This particular day he chose glow bands. His favorite trade by far though were his finger lasers, which were featured this last week in Travis Wall's dance on SYTYCD.

First ever McCall Olympics, or just a swimming race. Justin vs. Marnae vs. Casey.

Justin's favorite activity wake boarding. Also the cause of his worst crash and whip lash to date. Those darn edges, or attempts to get the biggest air. He's still learning...maybe it's better to attempt big air at the end of the summer and not the third day after a year long break.

Kate with cousin Heath. They had a love-hate relationship all week. He loved her and wanted to just play. Kate on the other hand sometimes wanted to share her toys, sometimes wanted to hug, but in the between times stuck out her lower lip and pouted like those Angelina Jolie lips of hers can! What a sass-o-frass! It is cute for now, but we are hoping she eventually grow out of her little "tude."
There he goes again pulling his face.

What a great vacation...hopefully it won't be our last for the summer.


Patrick and Paige said...

I will post my videos and pictures as soon as I can get my act together and am stationary for longer than 4 days.

thomfam5 said...

What fun. That picture of Kat in the cupboard is darn cute!

Chiara said...

Big family vacations are the best!
Looks like Marnae had a little false start on the swimming race!! ;)- Who won? And I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kates ruffle bum swimsuit.

T Austen said...

Again, hot couple. Especially Justin's facial hair.