Thursday, July 9, 2009

Four Years Ago...

When we first started Dental School, Justin and I always talked about taking a trip after graduation, to get a break before the next chapter in our life started. I voted for some place tropical and he voted for Argentina, where he served his mission. We compromised and ended up in Exotic Island Park! Our friends the Broadbents invited us to stay in their cabin/house for the weekend. Okay so not really exotic and by no means anything close to South America, but we had so much fun! It was the perfect little getaway before Justin started his residency. We even got a visit from the Orr's. We have definitely missed these guys. It was so great to see them again.

The kids all back together again, ready to watch Bolt and eat popcorn

This is one of the last pictures Amy took of these two before they moved. I thought it was fun to see what a years difference made.

After the kids were in bed we played a little couples ping pong. We lost.

Me, Amy and Val

We were initiated into the annual Island Park trip with a visit to Big Jud's. They are famous for their 1 lb. burger. If you can finish the entire meal, burger+fries+drink, you get your picture posted on the wall of fame. They have since upped the burger to 5 lbs...can you imagine? Here's Justin's attempt to the 1 pounder. Are you kidding me? We split it.

We went boating. Cold but fun.

We took a little day trip up to Yellowstone Park. We saw a lot of geysers and hot pots, lost patience when waiting for Old Faithful to do its thing, and managed to see one animal up close.

Justin and Austen liked to disappear for a few hours here and there to fly fish and four wheel.

Thanks Broadbents. We loved it!


li'l mil said...

Looks like an almost-perfect vacation! Things that would make it perfect:

1. THE MILS!!! Of course!
2. Justin eating the WHOLE burger.
3. THE MILS!!!
4. A girls-only 4-wheeler escapade.
5. THE MILS!!!

(Can you tell I'm totally jealous?!? We love Island Park, and all you guys!) Fun times.

The Perry Family said...

How fun! I wish we couldn't hung out with you guys! Jealous! We miss all you guys!

Daegan said...

Old Faithful is kind of a dud in my opinion even though it's famous. I hope you made it to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. That's the best spot in the park. And you got to hang out with the Orrs? Jealous!!