Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun With the Cousins...

Now that we live closer to our cousins, we have been able to play with them. Zach has really missed this and Kate is learning to enjoy it. My sister Heather and her kids were in Utah for three weeks and we got to do some fun things with them. We went up to Silver Lake and walked around the trail. Zach was so excited when the boys came over to play at our house. They were the "Pirate Band" can imagine that Zach was in heaven given his obsession for music. It is so great when you can leave kids alone to play for hours and never hear a peep out of them because they get along so well.

It was Maddi's 9th birthday on the 1st of July and we were able to be there for that too. Before the party Zach and Kate were watched by Britt and the girls. They did not want to go home. I guess they will have to watch my kiddos more often. The kids loved her party. Zach especially loved the water balloon toss. He was prepared from the very beginning sitting, patiently waiting, with his shirt off.

Then on the 4th we went down to Aunt Ashlee and Uncle Paul's for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks at Thanksgiving Point. They have the perfect view from their yard. Zach borrowed Paul's work earphones to drown out the noise. He has never had to do this in the past, but on the flip side it was the first year he would actually hold a sparkler in his hand. He is such a particular kid. Kate on the other hand, grabbed hers right away. She is so daring for her age.
Now we are headed off to McCall, ID to play on the lake all week. The kids are so excited to see more cousins and go tubing! We got them new life jackets from Costco, and they are a hit. Zach wanted to sleep in his...he didn't, we told him it would squeeze him for too long. We are so mean huh?


Sarah K said...

Lucy thought the fireworks were too loud this year too. The headphones aren't a bad idea.
Isn't it nice living near family :)
I know my kids love playing with their cousins too.
How's the new place? All settled in?

The Skinners said...

Looks like some fun times! Your kids are adorable!

thomfam5 said...

We are hope safe and sound from McCall. We had a lot of fun with y'all. Those pics of Zach in the band are a riot! Your kids are adorable!