Saturday, June 7, 2008

Curious Zach...

Is always asking Why? Are we to this stage already? I thought for sure it wouldn't start until Kindergarten. Typical scenario...

(While in the car)
Zach - Where are we going?
Me - To the store.
Zach - Why?
Me - Because we need food.
Zach - Why?
Me - Because we are hungry.
Zach - Why?
Oh my, this could go on all day if I keep giving in to his every why!

Some of his other typical questions lately have been...

(While playing outside and watching people leave from their apartments to go to their car.)
Zach - Are they Moving?
Me - No.
Zach - Where are they moving?
Me - They're not.

I think he is scarred from watching so many of his friends and neighbors move, that whenever someone is leaving he thinks they are moving away. I get asked this almost every day, and several times a day. Then he usually adds this...

Zach - We are moving too.
Me - Yeah? Where to?
Zach - Alabama

He is still stuck on Alabama. Poor kid thinks he needs to move too. I think someone is feeling a little left out.

Here's another one...

(While in the car)
Zach - Where are we going?
Me - We are going to your new school that you are going to go to next year.
Zach - Does it have "Booby Traps?"
Me - No

This is one of the many places he has asked if there are booby traps. Don't ask, I have no idea where he gets these ideas...

Last...but most likely more to come is...

(Justin came home all sweaty from his baseball game)
Zach - Is your shirt hot?
Justin - What?
Zach - Dad, your shirt is hot.
Justin - Ashley, do you know what he is talking about?
Me - No, not really.
Zach - Yeah your shirt is all hot!

After some thinking, Zach was talking about the sweat on his shirt. I guess in his mind, SwEaT is HoT!


Krystal said...

Zach is so cute. I just love that kid. Tell him we miss him too. I feel so bad for him. It's hard cuz how do you make them understand. I guess only time will help him out. He must really miss his women!!! Well if nothing else he keeps you laughing and thats what make each day worth it. Miss you guys!

Krystal said...

By the way I was talking about the whole moving thing. I guess I didn't really say that in my comment before. Any ways hope all is well!

Crystal said...

That is so funny! Justin probably thought that Zach had been over hearing you tell another girl that her shirt was hot! JK. We miss his fun personality, although it sounds like it has BLOOMED since we have been gone!

The Everett's said...

Ashley I just found this from Lyndsee. It's good to see your cute family! BTW, this is Teandra.