Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Festivities...

Our ward Halloween party did not disappoint, especially with my friend, Jill's, costume as Beverly from the hit TV show, The Goldberg's. We had our annual chili cook-off and the weather was nice so the kids could go trunk to trunk getting candy. Preston caught on pretty quick to what was going on, but once he found a sucker, he was good! Preston was BB8 and coordinated with Ryan who was a storm trooper.  

On Halloween we invited some of Kate's good friends from school to come over to eat pizza before heading out to go trick or treating. She and her best friend, Emmy, were matching Penguins, the easiest costume yet! Zach dressed up at Average Joe, the dodge ball player and hopped around our surrounding neighborhoods with our neighbors the Gatchell's. He is too hard to keep up with so I went out with the girls. Emmy's mom Elma joined us too! The kids got so much candy this year. I let them dig into it right away hoping that they forget about it after a few days. And Justin has brainwashed the kids to think they are allergic to peanut butter so that they will give all their peanut candy to him. He thinks he is a genius. 

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