Monday, October 2, 2017


I got an email before last Christmas about Coldplay coming in concert. I just knew I had to get tickets. Justin and I had watched them on Paladia(TV music channel) late at night a couple months ago and literally there is not one song that I don't like. Missing out on this concert was not an option. I emailed Rachael right away and said she had to get tickets too and we both surprised our hubbies with these tickets for Christmas. The bummer was waiting the 10 long months to finally see them. The concert did NOT disappoint! Tom Petty died a few days earlier and there was a shooting at a concert in Las Vegas over the weeked, which could have made this concert get cancelled so easily, but they came out and delivered the greatest show, opening with Free Falling and a moment of silence, which was awesome. And then of course played the rest of their set. Amazing!

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